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Health & Safety – Wadebridge Tennis Club

Use of Wadebridge Tennis Club (hereafter referred to as WBLTC) facilities (pavilions, courts etc) is permitted only by those who read and accept the Health and Safety Policy set out below.

To be read in conjunction with Club Rules (Pay & Play Terms) Code of Conduct and Safeguarding Policies.


  • WBLTC will take all reasonably practical precautions to ensure the health, safety and welfare of members, guests and visitors whilst they are using WBLTC facilities or are on club premises.

  • WBLTC expects members, guests and visitors (including parents and guardians of junior members) to co-operate in implementing this policy; to observe and comply with the requirements of the conditions, notices, instructions and information relating to health and safety and to exercise all reasonable care for their own health and safety, that of those under their supervision and that of others who may be affected by their acts or omissions.

  • Members, guests and visitors (including parents and guardians of junior members) are reminded that health and safety is the responsibility of every individual.

  • Members, guests and visitors (including parents and guardians of junior members) are responsible for ensuring that they and those under their supervision behave in a safe manner and to ensure that any unsafe areas or practices that affect themselves or any other person are reported to the WBLTC or to any member of WBLTC Committee for action.

  • All accidents that occur on WBLTC premises, no matter how slight they may appear must be reported to WBLTC.

  • In the case of serious injury and any injury that requires immediate medical treatment or results in the person injured being admitted to hospital, the accident should be reported by telephone to the WBLTC as soon as is reasonably practicable.

  • In an emergency any available first aid facilities should be used, but be sure to notify the owners of any consumables that need replacing.

  • Individuals using WBLTC facilities not as part of one of the clubs activities should be aware that First Aid facilities may not be available.

  • There is no telephone available on WBLTC premises.

  • No member, guest or visitor shall use WBLTC facilities or enter upon club premises if their behaviour or actions are or appear to be impaired or whose safety or the safety of others is or is likely to be impaired as a result of drinking alcohol or taking drugs.

  • WBLTC will take all reasonably practical measures to maintain WBLTC facilities but the use of the facilities by members, guests and visitors shall not, with the exception of activities arranged by WBLTC, be subject to supervision by members of WBLTC or by any other person.

  • Junior members and their guests may only use WBLTC facilities under the supervision of or with the express permission of a parent or guardian. See supervision of Under 18’s.

  • Such permission should only be given on the understanding and in the knowledge that WBLTC facilities are unsupervised.

  • Junior members and their guests may only use the pavilion and floodlights under the supervision of a parent, guardian or adult member.

  • WBLTC will not in general, seek to close the facilities as a result of adverse weather conditions.

  • Members should, however, specifically note that the tennis courts could become unsafe for play or that additional care is required during or following adverse weather conditions.

  • Members, guests, parents and guardians must decide for themselves, taking account of their own playing ability and if appropriate, that of their guests and those under their supervision whether or not it is safe to use the courts and other facilities and the necessary degree of precaution required.

  • The main entrance to WBLTCis via the roads that give access to the car parks, both of which are used by vehicles.

  • Members are advised that WBLTC premises are bounded by Town Council land and clubs that are used for other activities.

  • The kitchen facilities are provided for members to prepare refreshments for their own and their guests' consumption.

  • There are facilities (Microwave & Kettle) available for use by Adult members (Juniors under supervision).

  • WBLTC may provide or prepare food or drink for members at organised functions.

  • Any food and drink that remains unconsumed following use of the kitchen by members must be removed from WBLTC premises and the kitchen and the kitchen facilities left in a clean and tidy condition.

  • Members may not leave food or drink on the premises overnight.


EMERGENCY - There is a defibrillator situated on the Bowling Club wall facing the Tennis Courts.

  • In the event of an emergency and it is considered the defibrillator is required then when telephoning the emergency services on 999 you must provide them with the post code which can be found on the front of the defibrillator box.

  • The emergency services will then provide you with a code to unlock the device.

Please remember to inform any committee member of the Tennis Club when finished with the defibrillator in order that they may ensure its continued availability.

Link to - Accident / Incident Report Form

E&OE 03/23


Nearest Accident & Emergency - Royal Cornwall Hospital (Treliske) Truro 20.7 miles TR1 3LQ - Directions


Bodmin Minor Injuries – Boundary Road Bodmin PL31 2QT - Now situated in the old Bodmin Treatment Centre (brown bricked building just inside Bodmin Hospital grounds) 8am to 10pm. Access by going online or calling 111

Bodmin Community Hospital, Boundary Road, Bodmin, PL31 2QT

Call 01208 251 300


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Club Location - Wadebridge Tennis Club, Egloshayle Road, Wadebridge PL27 6AE