How to Book a Court

If you are a member of the club playing with another member, access to court use is Free of Charge, if playing with a non-member there will be a £5 guest fee payable.  Pay & Play participants are charged at £ 10 per court per hour.

If anyone has not claimed their court within 10 minutes of the start time they could forfeit their court booking.

All participants should be registered for Insurance,  ( add participants);- See 'How To Book'

 Illustration of How to Book 

Booking on behalf of a Junior follow this link 

How to make a Group Booking



Making a Tennis Court Booking

  • When making a booking, Registered Members / Players would first need to be logged in to your ClubSpark/LTA account, and use the method you originally signed up with. (If not previously done so you will need to Create an Account)

  •  When you select the booking time on the court booking sheet an overlay will appear. (If required, light tokens are available from Spar opposite the courts at  £3 per 1/2hr,( Cash Only, Spar does this as a courtesy) be aware that C5 lights come on and go off with C4).

  • From the drop-down time box - 'select your finish time'. (Max 2 hours)

  • You will see that you as the logged-in user who is making the booking, are either a member or participant. If you are a member playing with another member court use is free. 

You will then need to Add Participants/ Opponant's

  • To now add your opponent's details, you would then select '+ Add participant'.

  • Add the participant's name, Then press - 'Save'.

  • You will then see a drop-down box to select Guest or Member - 'Select whichever is relevant.

  • You will need to do this for each participant either Member or Guest.

  • If playing with a Guest only book the first 1/2hr with them as a guest then book as a member as they have then become a temporary member, thereafter for the remainder of the booking/ that day. (Guests will be charged a £5 fee).

  • Once you have completed this, click - 'Continue booking', this will take you to confirm your booking.

  • Check details are correct then – 'Confirm booking'

  • If payment is required follow online instructions.

  • You will then see – 'Your Booking has been confirmed, (you will have the option to book another court or view your bookings). 

  • Pay & Play will look slightly different and you will be asked to make a payment.

  • An email will be sent confirming the booking and giving you the Code to access the courts.

  • Please follow any published guidelines for court use.



To Cancel a Booking:

  • Sign In and select – 'View my bookings

  • Click on 'Cancel' against the booking you wish to cancel

  • Please try not to keep making and cancelling bookings and, if you must cancel a booking, please do so at the earliest opportunity so that another member has a chance to use the court.