Club Committee

On behalf of the Alsager Tennis Club Committee, welcome.

At Alsager Tennis Club, our club commitee are here to  promote and develop the club for the benefit of all its members.Please don't hesitate to get in touch with any member of the committee for a chat or a game.If you do have any  suggestions, feel free to get in contact.


ALTC Committee Members     2021 / 2022


ALTC President

Rodney Cox



ALTC Chairman
Dave Parkinson 

Tel: 07765 476969


ALTC Secretary 

Rob Raby

Tel: 07756089773






ALTC Treasurer / 

Membership Secretary

Alastair Bain

Tel: 07976 569887


ALTC Welfare Officer 

Until May 2021

Jon Ward

Tel: 07756 089773

To view the role of our Club Welfare Officer, click here. 

ALTC Website Co-ordinator / Membership Secretary 

Mark Bundy

Tel: 07999 442965


ALTC Media Officer

Matt Simpson

Tel: 07756 864000


ALTC Facilities / Maintenance

Mike Rice

Tel: 07713 049186


ALTC - LTA / Cheshire LTA

Club Liaison Officer

Clive Young

Tel: 07785 110228



ALTC - Team Tennis Fixtures Secretary

Martin Bancroft

Tel: 07732 026863




ALTC - Membership and Club Development

Jason Lockett

Tel: 07881 650677