Tips From The Coaching Team

Pete's Tennis Awareness Checklist

By popular request - thanks Natalie!

These are the awareness areas that I often guide players through.

I like to build the habit by using them as we go through the extended warm-up routines, but they can of course be useful during practice drills and points play as well.

The trick is to observe what is happening for each item on the checklist, without 'trying to get it right' - without judgement.

  1. Relaxation
  2. Breathing
  3. Bounce-Hit
  4. Hands-in-front
  5. Contact Point
  6. Racket Awareness (Path / Angle / Speed / Finish)
  7. Breathing and Finish Combined
  8. Split-step
  9. 'Race to the base - Give yourself space'

Mindfulness is -

  • Paying attention
  • On purpose
  • In the present moment
  • Non-judgementally

Jon Kabat-Zinn