Our regular social tennis, tournaments and league matches are all currently suspended due to coronavirus.

However, anyone who is a member is still welcome to play as long as you follow the restrictions. The restrictions mean you must book a court before playing. You can do this using the booking page on this website, or on your smart phone using the free ‘Booker’ app by ClubSpark.

Singles ladder

To facilitate some social, competitive tennis amongst members, while strictly adhering to social distancing, one of our members is setting up a singles ladder.

Starting mid-June, this will be an ongoing league where players challenge others to singles matches to move up and down according to the match result. It will offer a good way to socialise while playing responsibly.

It will be informal and more social than competitive. The format of the matches will also be flexible to suit different abilities and fitnesses - we want as many people as possible to join as possible, all standards are very welcome. You can drop out at any time, play as much as you like, and join at a later date if you would like.

If you are interested to join please email who will put you in touch with Chris, the organiser of the ladder.