Tennis Ladder

The club now runs a tennis ladder which is open to all members over 16

WHAT IS THE TENNIS LADDER? The tennis ladder is a way for club members to meet and play matches with other members, at mutually convenient times


ABILITY LEVELS: All levels welcome

MOVING UP THE LADDER: When a higher numbered player loses the winner will replace that individual, and the loser moves down one spot. Everyone in between the players will also move down one spot. If you challenge and lose, no one moves.

HOW TO JOIN: email and let us know which ladder (s) you would like to belong to along with the times you are usually available to play. Note: By joining the ladder your contact details (phone & email) will be available to other ladder members. Once you join you will be emailed details of how to access contact details for other members.

CHALLENGING: You may challenge a player ranked one or two spots above you. If you win your match you take the place of the person you defeated. You may now issue your challenge. Email or call the player being challenged and agree a date & time to play.

Note: Should a player decline to play they will forfeit the match



1. Best two out of three sets format, with a seven-point tiebreaker played if any set is tied at 6-6. Alternatively, if time is short, the best of 13 games. Players will spin a racquet or flip a coin to determine the initial serve or side of the court.

2.  Challenger to provide balls,

3.  Floodlight costs (if any) to be shared – token are  £1.00 per half hour (see above)

4.  Challenger, please email results to after the match and copy in your opponent.

Ladder members may be viewed by clicking on this link:

The ladder will be updated once a week (usually on a Sunday evening).