Hythe LTC Club Rules

  1. The Management Committee shall have the power to close the tennis courts, at such times and for such periods, as they consider necessary.
  2. The courts are available for play during daylight hours and on an evening under floodlights until 10.00 pm.
  3. Club Social Mix-in sessions are held on Saturday afternoons from 2pm & Wednesday evenings from 6pm.  From 5pm onwards, at weekends, fixed fours are allowed but Mix-ins will have priority should the courts be in play. Singles play is not allowed during mix in sessions other than to allow waiting players to knock up or keep warm during the winter months.
  4. During social mix-in periods, no member shall be allowed to play more than one set of not more than 11 games, if there are other members of the club waiting to play and no other court is vacant.
  5. Players shall provide their own tennis balls of a reasonable standard.
  6. No member shall play music on the courts unless part of cardio tennis training.
  7. Members must abide by the Management Committee’s rules on tennis shoe soles suitable for the court surfaces.
  8. No member or guest shall play on any court unless suitably attired for tennis.
  9. Junior court block bookings shall be agreed between the Management Committee and the Club Coach and pre-booked using the on-line booking system.
  10. In the interest of safety, dogs and small children are not allowed within the court area during play, unless under adult supervision.

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