MPLTC board and minutes

Our board meets formally once a month to discuss matters regarding the ongoing enhancement of the club. Find out how to access our board meeting minutes.


Chairman  |  Gareth Nicol

Gareth joined the board in November 2016, and has been a member of MPLTC for 6 years now. He’s now very involved in the men’s and mixed teams, as well as running our club championships and clay classic. As Chairman, he seeks to represent the club’s membership within the board, helping members get what they are looking for from our club.


Honorary Secretary  |  Diana Wemyss

Di has been a member of the club for 12 years and is new to the board. She has run one of the ladies teams for some years and is active in social play as well. She helps Dom welcoming any new members wishing to join the club, especially ladies,  helping them to enjoy the social and competitive side of the club. She will be organising meetings, licensing and assisting with the membership list as well as general administrative tasks.


Facilities  |  Dominic Adams 

Dom has been a member of the club for around 30 years, and plays for the men's 5th team, mixed 2nd team and men's over-45 1st team. He manages the club’s facilities, contractors and suppliers, and project manages any ongoing works. He also liaises with the club’s groundsman who works 8 hours a week. Dom is the point of contact for any prospective membership enquiries. 


Operations  |  Penny Sloman

Penny has been a member of Magdalen for over 15 years. She’s been on the board for 7 years, previously as ladies' captain and tournament director. She now manages operations with priorities including safeguarding our members, bar management and making sure the club is open for business.


Treasurer  |  Stewart Tan

A club member for 6 years, Stewart enjoys the friendships he’s made at MPLTC. He trained as an actuary, and has worked as a fund manager for 20 years; he now manages his own property related businesses. Stewart works with the board to plan the club’s finances carefully to ensure the long term viability of the club, ensuring we spend our money efficiently and sensibly to the benefit of all members.


Events Secretary  |  Catherine Trevor

Catherine has been a member of the club for three and a half years. She’s made some great friends at MPLTC, and enjoys playing tennis both socially on the weekends and as part of the ladies 4th team. In her role as tournament director, she runs the two main tournaments. She also oversees other events throughout the year, catering to the whole club membership. If you have any suggestions or comments, or would like to get involved, please contact Catherine.


Marketing and communications  |  Tom Kemp

Tom has been a member of the club for nearly 8 years; he’s also captain the 4th men's team. His role includes management and development of the website, looking after the bookings systems, booking courts for social, tournaments and team matches. He also manages the publication and promotion of events and any other communications from the club to the members.


Tennis Captain  |  Sarah Seaholme

Sarah has been a member of the club for over 15 years and is an active member of both the ladies and mixed teams.
Her role is to help ensure tennis continues to thrive at the club though friendly social tennis, competitive team tennis and provision of high quality coaching. If you have any suggestions or would like to get involved on the social tennis sub committee, please contact Sarah.