Minutes, rules, procedures and other documents

Club members may access minutes, rules, procedures and other official documents. 

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How to access official club documents

Club members may access official documents by contacting the secretary to request the password to our Dropbox account.

  • Please contact secretary@mpltc.com to request the password
  • Your membership will be verified
  • We'll email you the password 
  • You may visit MPLTC Dropbox (shown below) and enter the password provided.


Board meeting minutes

MPLTC club members have access to the board meeting minutes via the MPTLC Dropbox. 

To access this documentation you need the password. Please contact the secretary (shown above).

Board meeting minutes  [Dropbox]


Incorporation and articles of association

MPLTC is moving through the process of becoming incorporated. 

To access this documentation via the MPLTC Dropbox, please contact the secretary (shown above).

Incorporation and articles of association  [Dropbox]


Rules and procedures

Learn more about the rules of the club, as well as how to lodge a complaint and how it will be managed.