Box Leagues

Box leagues are being run for club members during the winter months - a mens singles and a womens singles.  Read on for details.

Mens Winter Box League Singles

To promote all year long tennis and improve club members' competitiveness and fitness, we have set up a mens winter box league to run between September to April. The first round finishes before Christmas and Second round will start in Jan 2023. Any member can participate, please email

The current league runs from 13th September to 16th December. 

Click here to enter your match result.  Find the cell for your match. Then from the dropdown list, select the number of points for the match as follows:

  • Won match 2-0 - Select 18
  • Lost match 0-2 - Add together your total games won in both sets and select this value e.g if you lost 3-6 1-6 enter 4
  • Won match in tie-break 1-1 - Select 16
  • Lost match in tie-break 1-1 - Select 8 + games won in set lost e.g. if the score was 4-6 6-3 6-10 enter 8+4=12
  • Walkover -Select 10

Womens Winter Box League

Singles Box league for women upcoming!