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Park Tennis Updates

04/08/2022: the gate company are investigating a possible gate issue which has been reported by a few users.


Sunguarding Sport: add sun protection to your game

  1. Sun time: always be sun prepared for any outdoor activity
  2. Hydration: take plenty of water with you to keep regularly hydrated
  3. Sunscreen: use an SPF30+ broad-spectrum product & reapply sunscreen every 2 hours
  4. Protective clothing: aways wear a hat & sun-protective clothing, including lightweight tops
  5. Temperatures of 30°C and above are too hot for very physical activities, make adjustments
  6. Shade: seeking shade plus using sunscreen or wearing sun-protective clothing = best practice 
  7. Weather Forecasts: advice and alerts can be found on the Met Office website by clicking here


Log in Changes: The log in migration is still taking place, this was a decision made by the LTA to have one log in method only. When it is your time to migrate, the ClubSpark system will let you know as you attempt to sign in, please follow the instructions to complete the migration. If your log in details do not work, please contact the LTA by clicking here, then select Advantage and log in.

About Churchfields

Churchfield Road, Weybridge, KT13 8DB

Churchfields recreation ground offers a variety of facilities including:

Safe to Play Guidance - Important to Read

  • Players use any of the Park Tennis courts at their own risk.
  • Check the weather forecast before booking, by clicking here.
  • Guidance can change and restrictions may be reintroduced at any time.
  • Our outdoor Park Tennis courts playability is subject to weather conditions.
  • Stay home if you or your household has covid or symptoms of covid or have been told to isolate.
  • Churchfields recreation ground gates close at night, please click here to view closing times.
  • The Play Tennis Pass and Pay & Play option are not permitted to be used for the delivery or receipt of coaching or non-tennis play activities.  


How to access the courts – Play Tennis Pass 

Step 1: Sign up for the Play Tennis Pass if you have not already done so 

Step 2: Log in to ClubSpark, to unlock the booking sheet 

Step 3: Select your venue and click "Book a Court" 

Step 4: Select a playing time and click to book 

Step 5: Complete your booking and make a note of your PIN 

Any problems please have a look at the troubleshooting guide 


How to access the courts – Pay & Play 

Step 1: Log in to ClubSpark, to unlock the booking sheet 

Step 2: Select your venue and click "Book a Court" 

Step 3: Select a playing time and click to book 

Step 4: Complete your booking and pay 

Step 5: make a note of your PIN 



Tennis Coaching (Term Time & Holidays)

Provided by Surrey Tennis Coaching (Head Coach: James Starr) 

Enhance your tennis game or learn to play with the Surrey Tennis Coaching team who are the only authorised tennis provider at Churchfields, delivering an exciting community tennis programmes for people of all ages and abilities. 

Check out the coaching page for more details or email Head Coach James at [email protected]


Community Tennis Xpress

Free on Thursdays at 10am to 11am, advanced booking is required by emailing: [email protected]



LTA Elmbridge Tennis League 

Local Tennis Leagues is a place for friendly tennis, where you can meet like-minded people and make new friends. The leagues are for anyone aged 18+, no matter your tennis experience. Play YOUR way.  To take part, sign up online & pay the LTA £18 entry fee by clicking here 

  • Current Singles: Round 44 - 9th June to 3rd August 2022, click to view
  • Singles Round 45 - join by the 15th August 2022 to take part, click to join



Court Improvements 2023

Elmbridge Borough Council have a 3 year rolling programme of court improvement works and Churchfields is scheduled to be resurfaced in 2023. We will provide further specific updates on dates when they are confirmed with the contractor (all works are weather dependent). 

Pease note the courts will be out of action during the court improvement works and players will need use the other Park Tennis sites during that time. The benefits of these court improvements is to keep the facilities in safe working order and to provide players with a quality playing environment in their local park. 



touchtennis Update:

Once the area is open for play, we will only have 4 courts available for play & after two to three weeks they will be rotated round. This will allow the courts that have been in use time to rest and be repaired/re-marked if needed. This will continue throughout the season until we close down the touchtennis courts in the Autumn.

Players should bring their own equipment to use the tennis courts, which includes using sponge tennis balls. There is no booking facility for the touchtennis courts, they are open access for turn up & play, from the 7th May 2022 during park opening times.

Please note there will be no events on the grass this year & we will close them if any of the following occur:

  • If Government or LTA rules change
  • If we need to introduce booking & limited access
  • If any unauthorised form of event/session/coaching occur
  • If people are not using the area for the correct purpose &/or vandalising the facilities
  • If people are using the "resting" courts for play, this includes adding your own net or playing without a net
  • If people are using other areas for touchtennis play & includes marking out your own court &/or setting up a net elsewhere



For any welfare concerns please click to  view our Parks Tennis Welfare Poster or to view all of our policies please click here

LTA Registered Venue certificate, click here


Book in 3 quick steps...

1. Check availability

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2. Choose a session

Select your preferred available time and book. You can pay online with most major credit cards. Register online the first time you book.

3. Confirmation

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