Checklist to using the courts 

  • Read the Safe to Play Guidance information 
  • Check the venue home page for any important updates
  • Check the weather forecast before booking, by clicking here.
  • Log into ClubSpark to unlock the booking sheets (top right-hand corner) 
  • If you have a Play Tennis Pass the courts will show as free booking 
  • If you do not have a Play Tennis Pass the Pay & Play costs will show 
  • You will not be able to book/access the courts with the old Parks Pass from the 8th April 2021 
  •  Always enter your PIN when you arrive, to show you used your booking 
  • Your booking rights are from your booking start time to end time
  •  Remember to cancel any bookings you cannot make 



How to access the courts – Play Tennis Pass 

  • Step 1: Sign up for the Play Tennis Pass if you have not already done so 
  • Step 2: Log in to ClubSpark, to unlock the booking sheet* 
  • Step 3: Select your venue and click "Book a Court" 
  • Step 4: Select a playing time, select your end time, and click to book 
  • Step 5: Complete your booking and make a note of your PIN 


How to access the courts – Pay & Play 

  • Step 1: Log in to ClubSpark, to unlock the booking sheet* 
  • Step 3: Select your venue and click "Book a Court" 
  • Step 4: Select a playing time, select your end time, and click to book 
  • Step 5: Complete your booking and pay 
  • Step 6: make a note of your PIN 


*Important to note – you will need to create a ClubSpark account for both methods. If signing up for the Play Tennis Pass, please remember to also complete the membership form & add yourself plus any household members to the pass. 



How to cancel bookings 

  • Step 1: Go to the correct venue "Book a Court" page 
  • Step 2: Log into ClubSpark (top right-hand corner) 
  • Step 3: Click on your name (top right-hand corner) 
  • Step 4: Click "My Profile" 
  • Step 5: Click "Manage Bookings" 
  • Step 6: Find the booking & click "Cancel" 


How to change the length of your court booking

  • Step 1: Go to the correct venue "Book a Court" page 
  • Step 2: Log into ClubSpark (if you have membership) 
  • Step 3: Click on a time for when you wish to start play
  • Step 4: In the new up window, click on the end time
  • Step 5: Select a new end time (up to 2 hours) 
  • Step 6: Complete booking & any payment if required



ClubSpark Single Login Update

From Monday the 24th January 2022, the ClubSpark sign-on migration will take place if you do not use the LTA sign in method already. If you don't use the LTA log in method currently please follow these steps from the 24th January 2022:

  1. Log in as normal with your ClubSpark (email/password) account.
  2. Complete a 2-3-minute process to create or merge with an LTA account.
  3. You're all set! Next time you log in please use your LTA account log in details.
  4. Any problems at any point during this account migration please contact ClubSpark, click here



Coaching & General Hire 

  • You will require either a coaching pass/package or general hire to use the courts for non tennis play activities.
  • Coaches or General Hire users who have permission from the Council will be listed on the relevant Venue "Passes" page, we do keep this up to date.
  • Coaching (for free or charging a fee) and other non-tennis playing activities are not permitted under the Play Tennis Pass, Park Tennis Pass or Pay & Play option.  



Membership & ClubSpark account 

  • The Play Tennis Pass provides you with access to all 12 Park Tennis sites in Elmbridge. 
  • You will need a ClubSpark account if you a Play Tennis Pass or if you are using the Pay & Play option. 
  • If you are signing up for the Play Tennis Pass, please ensure you create a ClubSpark account (if you don’t have one already) and then complete the membership form. 
  • Please remember to add yourself to your pass by clicking the tick box next to your name. 
  • You can add up to 4 additional household members to your Play Tennis Pass when completing membership.
  • If you have forgotten your password, please click the forgotten password link on the sign in page. 
  • If you do not receive help from the forgotten password link you will need to contact ClubSpark directly:  


Court Bookings 

  • Players can make one booking per day from 30 mins to 2 hours.  
  • Please ensure you add all players names to the court booking, including yourself.  
  • If you see padlocks across the booking sheets, you need to log in (top right-hand corner)  
  • If you see charging fees on the booking page you do not have  a valid Play Tennis Pass or have not added yourself to your membership pass (please email
  • Court bookings need to be cancelled before your start time, otherwise they will not show in your account to cancel yourself.  
  • To change the length of the booking, click the end time shown in the pop-up window when making a booking, this is a drop-down menu.  
  • If you are on site and experience an issue with your code, ring the number from your booking confirmation email.
  • If you receive an error message at any time, take a screen shot and email and tell us what you were attempting to do when it happened.  



  • ClubSpark do suggest trying another browser if you are experiencing errors.
  • The Pay and Play refund window ends 1 hour before your start time, please cancel your booking before the window closes to receive the refund. 
  • You can bring a bucket of tennis balls to use with your children or friends and play games or use one from our practice ideas page but not to provide or recieve any form of coaching.
  • If it looks like coaching and is reported to our team or if our team suspects coaching, they will investigate further. Please remember the Parks Tennis Pass, Play Tennis Pass and Play & Play option are for recreational play only. 
  • Parents/friends/family members cannot perform drills that they have seen to help the other person as this would be considered coaching. Even if you're not being paid, qualified or not qualified if your performing drills with or without advice you’re still coaching by providing those drills. Your intention is not recreational play. 
  • When booking as a member or through Pay & Play your intention must be for recreational play, not coaching in any form which includes practice matches with clients (paid or not for all forms).



Links to terms and conditions 


Any other problems, please email with full details and screenshots. 

Thank you.