Book a Court

By booking & using the Park Tennis courts you are accepting our Safe to Play guidance and all of our Terms. Elmbridge Borough Council reserves the right to close facilities at any time. Coronation recreation ground gates close at night, please click here to view closing times.

Our outdoor Park Tennis courts playability is subject to weather conditions. Players use the courts at their own risk and are asked to apply common sense in looking out for themselves and others at all times.

Evening Play: Our Park Tennis courts are not floodlit, so please ensure your court bookings are during daylight hours only. Please also be aware some of the recreation grounds are closed at night.

2024 will see the arrival of LTA tournaments run by the Take Tennis Lessons team, please see the home page for further details (posted 10/01/2024).

Important to note and remember:

The Play Tennis Pass or Pay & Play option are not for the delivery or receipt of any type/form of coaching services or non-tennis play activities. Our authorised Coronation Park Tennis provider is Duncan Willitts (Take Tennis Lessons) & his team.