Please note:  All those who have coaching at Crick and West Haddon Tennis Club are expected to be club members.

See the 'how to join' section of the website for membership form and fees.


April 2022 children's tennis coaching camps - use the link below for more details:

For 2022 we can offer:
-1-1 coaching 
-Paired coaching
-3 and more small group coaching 
Family fun time sessions
-Doubles drills 
-Cardio Tennis (exciting, tennis to music 🎵🥳)

- Tennis for kids! Use this link to find out more or to book onto a course:


Our club coach is Bobby Brooke:

If anyone is interested in any of the above to contact him on 07584078173 

Bobby Brooke profile

Fully qualified to coach all levels of player, from beginner to high performance players.

- Level 4 Senior Performance Coach

- Has coached club, county, national and international players.

- Player rating: Currently 4.1, been as high as 2.1

- Played at county for Yorkshire, national and international levels

- Reached top 80 in Great Britain

Claim to fame:

-Have played Andy Murray 3 times!

Helping people improve and enjoy their tennis motivates me.


Tennis is a tough sport, you must commit to training specific areas of your game for improvement to take place. This is why I do not recommend having one session and then expecting miracles. This ‘quick fix’ approach is exactly that, a quick fix! However, in time you will make the same errors and have the same weaknesses.


My concept is: Initial commitment – Initial improvement – Player success – Permanent Improvement.

If the best players in the world have coaches, then we could all use one!

If you are interested in improving your tennis then please contact me by:

Phone: 07584078173

Email: [email protected]