Singles Club Championships: Call for Entries

This year’s battle for singles supremacy is about to commence as entries are now open for the EALTS 2023 Men’s and Ladies’ Singles Club Championships!

The tournament this year will be run with the following format, which will culminate with finals being played on Sunday 10th September 2023. Please ensure you are available for finals day prior to entering the competition.

  • Knockout tournaments with play-by deadlines with entries split on ability/team position.
     - Men’s tournament A for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th team players
     - Men’s tournament B for 5th, 6th team and social players
     - Ladies’ tournament A for 1st, 2nd team players
     - Ladies’ tournament B for 3rd team and social players
  • Please indicate on your entry which tournament you would like to enter
  • Players to be seeded by competition committee
  • The tournament is open to all playing members aged 14+ (or by recommendation from the coaching team)
  • If an adult member is drawn against an opponent under 18, all communications should be conducted via the latter's parents/guardians
  • Players eligible for tournament B are welcome to enter tournament A instead if they so wish; please indicate this on your tournament entry
  • If you do not currently play in a team, you are welcome to enter and be placed in the most appropriate tournament depending on playing ability
  • Matches will be best of 3 sets. First 2 sets to 4 games with tie breaks at 3-3 (tie break first to 5 points). If required, the 3rd set will be a tie break (first to 10 points). Normal deuces to be played
  • There will be consolation plate competitions if you lose your first match
  • It is up to both players to agree a date for the match. If one of the players does not make a reasonable attempt to play within the time limit, they will forfeit the match and their opponent will be put through to the next round. If any issues arise, please contact the tournament referee (details below)
  • Please try to arrange matches with sufficient time prior to the deadline to allow for rearrangements in case of bad weather/unforeseen circumstances
  • The referee's decision on any issue will be final

Entries to be sent to the tournament referee Tom Sinton via email to

Deadline for entries is 12th March 2023 and the tournaments will start soon afterwards.

Good luck!

Previous Club Champions from 1930-present can be viewed on the Honours Board.