Grasshoppers Lawn Tennis Club Constitution– 





The club shall be called the “Grasshoppers Lawn Tennis Club.”





Its objects are to provide tennis courts and club house for, and to supply refreshments to, its members and generally to encourage and facilitate the playing of the game of lawn tennis and connected social activities.





3.There shall be the following categories of membership of the club: -


3.1 Full members who shall be 18 years of age or over and who shall be entitled to full privileges of membership including the right to vote at general meetings of the club.


3.2 Country members who shall reside ten miles or more from the club premises and who shall have the same privileges and voting rights as full members.


3.3 Social members who shall have full membership privileges other than the right to play on the club courts or to vote at general meetings.


3.4.1 Life members shall be entitled to the same privileges and voting rights as full members and shall be entitled to remain members for the rest of their lives without the need to pay an annual subscription.


3.4.2 No new life members will be appointed without the prior approval of the club in general meeting as an amendment to these rules pursuant to rule 14.


3.5 The Executive Committee shall have the power, from time to time, to create additional categories of membership with limited privileges included but not limited to juniors, students and improvers.


3.6 For the purpose of these rules the age of a member during any club year shall be deemed to be his age on the 1st day of April in that club year.


3.7 It shall be a condition of membership that the member will also be a member of the Lawn Tennis Association, have Grasshoppers Lawn Tennis club designated as their club and have ‘opted in’ for the purposes of Wimbledon tickets.






4.1 The subscriptions for the various categories of membership shall be set by the Executive Committee annually.


4.2 Entrance fees (if any) shall be set by the Executive Committee annually.


4.3 All subscriptions shall be payable on the 1st April in respect of the current year.


4.4 Failure to pay a subscription by any member in accordance with these rules shall entitle the Executive Committee to resolve to suspend such member and remove the privileges of membership and the right to vote at general meetings until the subscription is paid.





5. The club shall be managed by an executive committee consisting of the chairman, the honorary secretary, the honorary treasurer and not more than ten other members to be elected by the club in general meeting every year.





6.1 The executive committee shall meet as often as is necessary for the management of the club.


6.2 Four committee members shall form a quorum for the transaction of business by the executive committee.


6.3 The executive committee shall have full powers of management of the club subject to these rules and to those powers reserved by these rules to the club in general meeting and to any general or particular direction given by the club in general meeting provided that such direction shall not affect any action of the executive committee which it has previously taken.


6.4 Meetings of the executive committee shall be summoned by the honorary secretary at the request of the chairman or at the request of 3 committee members within 14 days of such request.


6.5 Each committee member shall receive at least 3 days written notice of each meeting provided that no business transacted at any meeting shall be invalidated by shortness of notice if a majority of committee members entitled to be called actually attend.






The Executive Committee shall have the following powers:-


7.1 to elect members


7.2 to fix annual subscriptions for membership and entrance fees (if any)


7.3 in the event of a deficiency in the funds of the club in any year, to raise a surcharge on all members by way of an additional subscription of an amount as it may decide to, but not exceeding the amount of the last annual subscription for each category of member. Life members shall be treated as full members for the purpose of this sub-clause and liable to pay such surcharge.


7.4 to decide club disputes between members


7.5 to expel a member whose conduct has, in their opinion, been detrimental to the interests of the club, after giving a fair opportunity for that member to be heard


7.6 to suspend a member for non-payment of subscriptions and impose a fine not exceeding £50


7.7 to appoint sub-committees and delegate powers to sub-committees in relation to any of its functions


7.8 to fill casual vacancies on the executive committee or among the officers until the next general meeting


7.9 to co-opt members upon the executive committee until the next general meeting


7.10 to make bye-laws for the regulation of the use of the club premises and courts and for the good management of the club and in the best interests of lawn tennis.








8.1 The freehold property of the Club, namely the Ground, Clubhouse and all other buildings and conveniences erected on the ground and all other property and effects shall be vested in four Trustees in trust for the Members for the time being.


8.2 Any such Trustees may be removed from office by resolution agreed by the executive committee and passed by an Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting. On the death, resignation or removal of any Trustee or Trustees or vacancy in the Trusteeship from any other cause, the remaining Trustees or Trustee shall have the power to appoint another Trustee or Trustees to fill the vacancy but a Trustee so appointed must be a Member or Honorary Member of the Club and must in the first place be approved by a resolution passed at anAnnual or Extraordinary General Meeting of the Members of the Club. Unless the Club shall be wound up, the Trustees shall not sell lease exchange or otherwise dispose of the freehold property of the Club, so vested in them, or any part thereof, unless so directed by a resolution passed by a majority of not less than three-fourths of the Members of the Club present at a duly convened general meeting of the Club. Subject to the rights (if any) of any debenture  holders or other encumbrances claiming any interest or security upon the said property or any part thereof, the Trustees shall comply with such resolution and execute and do all deeds acts and things necessary and proper for giving effect thereto, provided that a certificate in writing signed by two persons, appearing to be the Chairman of the Committee and the Secretary of the Club stating the terms of a resolution passed and that the same has been passed in accordance with the direction of the Members of the Club or is otherwise binding upon persons interested in the said property shall in favour of any purchaser, lessee or other person acquiring for valuable consideration any interest in the property therein referred to, be conclusive evidence (subject only to express notice to the contrary) that the statements therein contained are true and that the resolution or document is binding on the Club and all its Members or other persons so interested as aforesaid.


8.3 The Trustees shall be entitled to an indemnity out of the assets of the Club for all expenses and other liabilities properly incurred by them in the discharge of their duties.






9.1 An A.G.M. shall be held within 4 months after the 31st December in every year and 21 days written notice thereof shall be given to every club member.


9.2 At every A.G.M. any honorary members in addition to the chairman, honorary secretary, honorary Treasurer and all other members of the executive committee, may be elected.


9.3 The executive committee or any club member may make nominations for all those to be elected at an A.G.M. provided that nominations must be in writing in the hands of the honorary secretary not later than 7 days before the date of the meeting. All those elected as members of the executive committee shall hold office until the next A.G.M.


9.4 Ten members shall form a quorum for the transaction of business at any general meeting of the club, but if the total membership of the club is less than 50, then one fifth of such total shall suffice.









Accounts of the club shall be made up to the 31st day of December in every year and a statement of accounts shall be laid before the next following A.G.M., and a copy sent to every member with the notice convening that A.G.M.




Special general meetings may be summoned by the honorary secretary on the instructions of the executive committee or on receipt of a written requisition signed by at least 10 members, such meeting to be held within 21 days of such instruction or of the receipt of such written requisition.





12.1 The supply to the club of intoxicating liquors shall be under the sole control of the executive committee who shall arrange for the purchase of supplies and the sale to members at such prices as it shall determine.


12.2 An account of all purchases and receipts shall be kept and, at every A.G.M., the honorary treasurer shall present a report and financial statement for the previous year.


12.3 No intoxicating liquors or other articles for the sale for which a licence is required shall be supplied except to club members in the club premises nor sold to any person who is not a club member or a guest of a club member whose details have been entered in the Visitor’s Book.


12.4 The permitted hours for the supply of intoxicating liquor shall be such hours as the executive committee shall from time to time determine, within the terms of its licence.


12.5 No-one under the age of 18 may be supplied with or consume intoxicating liquor on club premises.


12.6 The consumption of intoxicating liquor is restricted to intoxicating liquors sold by the club on the club premises. Intoxicating liquors purchased elsewhere are not permitted to be consumed on club premises.





13.1 The name of every visitor to the club shall be recorded in a visitors' book together with the name of the member introducing that visitor.


13.2 Club members may introduce visitors who may use the club courts on payment of the fees prescribed by the executive committee but no visitor shall, without the approval of the executive committee, use the club courts on more than 4 occasions in any club year.






14.1 Subject to the remaining provisions of this rule, the Executive Committee shall have power to refuse membership or expel a Member only for good and sufficient cause, such as conduct or character likely to bring the Club or the Game into disrepute.


14.2 A Member shall not be expelled unless he is given 14 days’ written notice of the meeting of the Executive Committee at which his expulsion shall be considered and written details of the complaint made against him.


14.3 The Member shall be given an opportunity to appear before the Executive Committee to answer complaints made against him. The Member must not be expelled unless at least two thirds of the Executive Committee then present vote in favour of his expulsion.


14.4 The Executive Committee may exclude a Member from the Club’s premises until the meeting considering his expulsion has been held. For the avoidance of doubt, the Member shall be entitled to attend that meeting for the purpose of making his representations.


14.5 Effect of Resignation or Expulsion. Any person ceasing to be a Member forfeits all right to claim upon the Club, its property and its funds and he has no right to the return of any part of his subscription.


14.6 The Executive Committee may refund an appropriate part of a resigning Member’s subscription if it considers it appropriate taking account of all the circumstances.






These rules may be amended at any general meeting of the club by a resolution supported by two thirds of the members there present in person or by proxy, provided that notice of such intended amendment showing the full effect of the proposed amendment shall be given to club members in the notice calling such meeting or in writing 21 days before the date of such meeting.





The executive committee shall have power to borrow money for the purposes of the club in such amounts and upon such terms as to interest, security and otherwise as the executive committee from time to time determine.






17.1 The club is a non-profit making organisation and all profits and surpluses will be used to maintain or improve the club's facilities.


17.2 In the event of the dissolution of the club, its affairs shall be wound up and the net assets shall be distributed amongst the eligible members who have the right to vote at general meetings of the club and whose subscriptions have been paid at the date of dissolution.


17.3 Each eligible member shall be credited with one point for every complete year of his or her membership of the club up to a maximum of 10 points.


17.4 The total number of points allotted to all eligible members under sub-clause 16.3 shall be divided into total value of the net assets available for distribution to give a value for each point.


17.5 Each eligible member shall receive a payment on the winding up of the club to the value of the number of points standing to his/her credit under sub-clause 16.3


17.6 For the avoidance of doubt the freehold of the club's premises at The Drive, Hove, does not and will not belong exclusively to any life members living at the date of dissolution.