Diversity and Inclusion Policy

British Tennis Diversity and Inclusion Policy


Including Code of Conduct and Reporting Procedure




Concern Reporting Procedure


Anyone who has concerns that they or someone else is being discriminated against or has been a victim of discriminatory language or behaviour should:



Listen carefully to what the person is telling you. Do not interrupt; keep questions to a minimum; do not promise to keep the information secret


Is someone in immediate danger?


Call the police (999)






Talk to the club’s Welfare Officer in confidence Simon Horsley on 07962 273619 [email protected]); Talk to the LTA Safe and Inclusive Tennis Team * (020 8487 7000) as soon as possible [Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm]. If the Safe and Inclusive Tennis Team is unavailable and you want advice before the next working day, call the NSPCC (0808 800 5000) or Parent Line Scotland (0800 028 2233) if your concerns is about a child.

If your concern us about an adult ask them for details of your Local Authority Adult Social Care Services.


Hate crime can alternatively be reported through True Vision at www.report-it.org.uk



Write an objective account of your concerns immediately using the Reporting a Concern Form found in our website Safe and Inclusive Tennis  page. Send it to the LTA Safe and Inclusive Tennis Team within 48 hours of the concern/disclosure ([email protected])


Handling a concern/disclosure can be emotionally difficult. If you would like to talk to someone after making a concern/disclosure, contact the LTA Safe and Inclusive Tennis Team by phone 020 8487 7000 or email  [email protected]



(See full policy appendix C for more details on what to do if a disclosure from a child or adult at risk is made to you)Diversity and Inclusion in GRASSHOPPERS TENNIS CLUB


This Policy sets out our commitment and includes our Safe and Inclusive Standards, Code of Conduct (page 8) and Reporting Procedure (page 2) and it supports our overall aims for diversity and inclusion that are to ensure that:


  • Tennis is diverse and inclusive
  • Diversity and inclusion are embedded in our club’s culture and our behaviours
  • We create a culture where inclusive leadership thrives
  • We take a proactive approach using positive action to ensure that communities and individuals are valued and able to achieve their full potential.


To achieve these aims we believe that everyone involved in Tennis has a vital role to play in promoting diversity and inclusion and we ask everyone to become Safe and Inclusive Tennis Champions – proactively promoting Safe and Inclusive tennis and taking action against all forms of discrimination.


We are proud to have a Diversity and Inclusion Policy that demonstrates our commitment to making tennis diverse and inclusive. The commitment to Diversity and Inclusion is upheld by all - Lawn Tennis Association (LTA), Tennis Scotland, Tennis Wales and the Tennis Foundation.


These commitments are fully supported by the GRASSHOPPERS TENNIS CLUB Committee.


Together we can make a positive difference to people from different backgrounds to participate in Tennis at our club.


Thank you.


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