Team Fixtures

Current Fixtures

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  • All HOME matches are posted on the BOOK A COURT website page to show court allocation and duration.
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Leagues & Matches

Members wishing to be considered to play for a team should email the club in the first instance. It is a requirement of the Leagues that all players must have a British Tennis Membership (BTM) number to be eligible. Team practice sessions are held weekly on a Monday evening from 8-10pm

The club currently participates in the following leagues:

  • Aylesbury & District Summer & Winter  – Mixed, Men’s and Women's Leagues
  • Bucks Shield Summer & Winter – Men’s, Womens and Vets Leagues
  • Thames Valley Winter League – Women's

The HTC fixtures  secretary is Lloyd Griffiths and he can be contacted on 07850 048135 

Evening matches normally commence at 7.00pm and weekend matches can be Sundays at 10.30am  or Saturdays and Sundays at 1.00pm

Team captains will co-ordinate with their team and confirm match details by email or text message prior to the match.

Match results are posted by the captains to the LTA tournament software within 48 hours of the match being played. 

Match balls, club keys, net measure and handle plus score cards are kept in the match bag which the team captain has responsibility for collecting from 154 Sheerstock (or 22 Slave Hill) and returning as arranged.

Team Captains:
2024 Summer Leagues

Mens1 Bucks Shield 2 Pair - Lloyd Griffiths
Mens 1 A&DL  -  Rick Wilson
Mens 2 A&DL  - Lloyd Griffiths
Ladies 1 A&DL - Julie Burton
Ladies 1 Bucks Shield  - Julie Burton
Mixed 1 A&DL  - Julie Burton
Mixed 2 A&DL  - Laura Lambourn 
2023 /24 Winter Leagues
Mens1 Vets Shield 2 Pair - Lloyd Griffiths
Mens 1 A&DL - TBA
Mens 2 A&DL - Lloyd Griffiths
Ladies 1 A&DL - Julie Burton
Ladies A Oxon - Jackie Keates
Mixed 1 A&DL - Julie Burton
Mixed 2 A&DL - Laura Lambourn