Saturday Mixed Club Session

This is a relaxed fun mixed club session on Saturdays from 4-6pm.  You can come along as an individual so you don't need find a partner to play with beforehand.  It will be a mixed session for ALL, the amount of games played will vary according to how many people there are so you won't have to sit out for long.  You don't have to commit to each week just play when you can.

To ensure there will be enough people to play with, a WhatsApp message will be sent a few days before to those who have signed up, asking if you would like to play for the following Saturday.  You only need to reply with a thumbs up emoji if you can, you don't need to reply that you can't. Please note it is an Announcement Group not a chat group.

If you find that you can't play please get in touch to let us know ASAP.

Please send an email to to let us know you are interested and would like to be on the list, please also provide your mobile number so you can be added to the WhatsApp group which we will use to give updates and to let you know if we have to cancel due to the weather.  

Here's how it works!

1. We will message you during the week to ask if you would like to play on the Saturday.

2.If you want to play, please reply by close of play on Friday at the latest. Please let us know if you can only play part of the time between 4 and 6.

NB you don’t need to reply if you don’t want to play.

3. You will not receive a confirmation from us, so you can assume that you will be playing. If the session has to be cancelled for some reason eg the weather, we will notify you on the WhatsApp Group.

4. If you find you can’t play, please email or send a message asap.

5. There is no charge. Balls and lights will be provided.