Got a Question?

Here you will find the answers to most of the commonly asked questions – ranging from the basic, 'how do I book a court?';  'when are Club organised events?';  to coaching, team tennis, and information about the main Sports Club.


When are Clubnights for members?

  • Tuesday Evening Adult Club Night - 1900-2200- organised by the coach 
  • Friday Afternoon/Early Evening Junior Club Night  - 1630 -1930 - organised by the coach 
  • Monday /Wednesday Adult Team Practice Night - organised by Ladies/Mens Captains - 1830 -2030pm  
  • Thursday Evening Adult Club Night  -1830 -2000- organised by volunteers.

How do Club Nights work?

  • A timed format, usually doubles. ​
  • Organised by the session leader, usually by  WhatsApp group  a couple of days before.
  • Potential new members can try Tuesdays or Thursday sessions before joining  and get a feel for the club - please don't just turn up - contact coach Mark first ([email protected])

How do Tuesday nights differ from Thursday nights?

Tuesday is organised by the Club Coach. ​Thursday nights are organised by volunteer members, usually doubles format. A little less intense than Tuesday club nights.

What if I decide I want to join?

​Please have a look at the Membership section on the website which shows all the options. As a new member, we offer a 'buddy' who will help to familiarise you with the club and introduce you to other members.

What is the door access code?

​You will need the door code to access the toilets and changing rooms in the Main Club House. This information is included in the membership pack. There is an exit button to the right of the door, just below the floodlight meter.


What's special about courts 6 & 7?

Tennis Aces coaching will normally take place on courts 6 and 7 - the full programme is as advertised in the Mark Airey Tennis Aces programme. 

When do team matches take place for Adults and Juniors?

Adult Team matches take three courts in the summer – usually the three middle courts (3/4/5) and two courts in the winter. These can be on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday evenings or Sunday mornings. 

Junior matches are usually on Saturday and Sunday afternoons in the summer.   

Dates for the matches are in the ‘Team Tennis' section of our website and on the clubhouse's outside noticeboard.

How do I book a court?

The majority of members use the ClubSpark Booker App on their Smartphones, however there is also an online facility if preferred - both methods are described in more detail Here. Note that adults booking a court for a Junior need to do this on the website. Court bookings for club arranged events, league matches, etc. will be handled by event organisers or team captains.

When do I need to brush the courts?

​If there are obvious signs of leaves/debris on the courts, then please use the draggers to brush the courts. They are hanging up on the netting on the side of the courts. Empty the draggers into the containers and tidy up using the shovels.

Our courts drain well but If the courts are very wet or have standing water on them, then remove sludge and piles of accumulated vegetation with the shovels, but don’t use the draggers until the courts have dried out.  

Make sure you clean  your shoes on the brush mats provided before entering a court.

How will I know the courts are safe to play on?

​Our courts are all-weather but please be mindful of any exceptional conditions.
Please test the surface for ice in particular. Heavy rain or snow will be more obvious!
If in doubt, ask coach Mark if he is at the Club.

How about court etiquette?

​Be courteous to other players at all times.
Please let other players finish their point /games before leaving or moving around the back of the courts.
Please take rubbish home.
Respect teams when they are playing matches – away teams can sometimes be sensitive to our support when we are winning!
See our Club Members Code of Conduct

What should I wear?

​Most importantly – correct tennis shoes - no black court-marking soles or astroturf shoes.
It also helps to keep courts clean if you wipe your shoes on the provided mat before going on the court. This reduces mud/debris being taken onto the court.
We don’t have a colour dress code,  but please, no complete team kits from other sports.   


What if I want to play for the teams?

Contact the Men's or Ladies' Captain directly, or Coach Mark Airey who will put you in touch with them.
We currently run 3 Ladies teams and 3 Men’s Teams in the  summer (in the North East Cheshire Tennis League (NECTL)).  We also have 3 mixed teams in the winter league. 

KTC juniors participate in the Cheshire National and NECLTC  leagues at a variety of levels.

When is Team Practice?                               

These are arranged  by the team captains and there are also arrangements for team players to practise on a Monday and Wednesday evening.


 How do the floodlights operate?

For Tuesday and Thursday evening sessions that require floodlights (e.g. during winter and early spring), you will be asked to contribute £2 towards the running  costs - the session organiser will usually collect your £2 and take care of activating the lights.

If you are organising your own game in the darker eveings, don't forget to have a supply of floodlight tokens to hand so you can turn the floodlights for your court.  Each token is worth 15 mins and can be purchased from head coach Mark Airey.  More details are Here.

Details of how to use the system are  posted next to the floodlight operation box in the club house - also available as a  downloadable  guide.


 What coaching is available at the club?

Head coach, ​Mark Airey's full coaching schedule can be found on  Mark's website – www.tennis-aces.co.uk.

You will find information on all ages (from 4 years old to Adults) who can participate in group or individual coaching, as well as children’s holiday camps. The group tennis programmes run in block sessions, of which there are 3 per year – January-March; April-July; September-December. The children’s holiday camps are in all school holidays: information can be found on the camp page of Mark’s website


What if I want to bring a guest?

​You can bring along a guest at  cost of £5pp per visit (£3pp for juniors) – payable online to our Club bank account and email the membership secretary to inform her. A person may only be a guest of any member for a total of four times before being asked to join.  More information is Here


 What sort of social events do you have?

We have  themed Club Nights each year: including Wimbledon Night with Pimms & Strawberries;  Easter; Halloween and Christmas. In addition, there are quiz nights and the annual Airey Challenge Cup. We also hold various one-day tournaments and summer Box competitions, plus special tournaments organised by members.
We host charity events, ‘Tennis Legends’ and mini-tournaments for schools.


Is there a First Aid box? 
The first aid box is located in the main club corridor. Mark Airey is a qualified first aider and will assist when he is at the club. There is also a defibrillator on the Clubhouse outside the kitchen door. 
In an emergency please call 999.
What if I need to report an issue? 
Please let any member of the committee know – Mark is usually at the club most days.
There is an accident book in the Tennis letter rack in the lobby as you go into the Squash Courts/ Ladies Changing rooms.
Who is the Welfare officer? 
Sonia Amos is our Welfare Officer and her role is to ensure children, young people and adults are able to be safe whilst playing tennis at our club as well as helping to create a fun and inclusive environment. Members with any concerns or issues regarding these matters can raise them, in complete confidence, with Sonia ([email protected]rdtennisclub.org.uk).


 Who are on the committee?

​A full list of the committee members is on the website  here

How do I find out what is going on?


A Club newsletter is sent out to all registered members, usually after our monthly Committee Meeting (mid month). 

Club Coach, Mark Airey, also emails members re Tuesday and Friday Club nights and coach-led events    

(if you are not receiving emails please email the membership secretary with your latest email address details).

 Social Media 

Twitter and Facebook content by Publicity Volunteer.  


- There are three boards outside the clubhouse by the Bar door, on  the Tennis courts side.

 Club WhatsApp groups

- Tuesday Clubnight; Thursday Clubnight;  Members own Social; 18-25s; T eams -  contact [email protected] to  get joining instructions for a  WhatsApp group

 How can  I help / volunteer?

​We are always looking for volunteers to help promote the club, encourage membership and support any events /fundraising events we have at the club.
Please let any committee member know if you are interested in helping - there's always something that needs doing!


Where can I find a copy of Knutsford tennis club policies?

​We have policies relating to Safeguarding, and Diversity and Inclusion.
A summary of our various policies as recommended by the LTA can be found on the outside noticeboard and in more detail on our website here 


What other sports are available at the main club?

​The main club has Tennis, Squash, Archery and Cricket sections.
The bar is open – times vary depending on what’s on at the club and COVID restrictions.
The clubhouse is used for various functions throughout the year for social events and by various clubs and societies. 

The hall is hired by outside groups and can also be hired for private functions, more details are HERE or please contact Mark Airey - 07787 510702


Any offers via the tennis club for tennis kit/ fitness?

​We have a link to iPROSPORTS who offer a great range of tennis kit with our logo.
The clothes come in different colours and include tops, skirts and trousers. The cost of the clothing is very competitive and the tennis club receives a small percentage of the price to go towards our court refurbishment fund. The full details can be found via Mark’s website on the shop tab - just click on the link and it will take you to Tennis Clubs iPROSPORTS page
As a KTC member you can get a 10% discount on various therapies offered by Elite Health in Knutsford and the club also receives a £10 introduction gift from Elite Health after each person's first appointment. Contact Elite Health for more details.