How do I cancel a session or let you know my child can no longer attend?


You can manage this directly on our site and there is no need to message the team in order to process the cancellation. Follow these steps:

  1. Head to our site and log in via the top right of the page.
  2. Once logged in, click on your name in the top right and select “Profile” from the dropdown.
  3.  Select “Your Courses” on the left-hand options and you will see the list of sessions your child is currently booked onto. 
  4. Find the relevant session and click “View Course Details”.
  5. Select the red “Cancel” button. 
  6. Finally, select Yes on the Cancellation Confirmation pop-up.

Please note you will only receive a refund if you are canceling at least 24 hours in advance of the session start date. We will not process refunds for any cancellations with less notice than this.

Refunds are also only given to the Wednesday/Saturday group coaching sessions. If your child cannot attend a squad session, these are not refundable but please do email your squad coach to advise of non-attendance.

How will Latika contact me if a lesson is cancelled?

If we need to cancel a session (i.e. due to bad weather or coach illness) we will send a text/email to the details we have associated with your child's account. Please note you will only be contacted via text or email if your child has been booked into the session via the clubspark platform and they are on the register. Cancelled courses will be credited to your clubspark account where you can use them against future bookings. 

We would also advise you to join our Latika Junior Tennis Club Members group on Facebook as this is where we also make announcements about sessions. 

In bad weather do you confirm sessions are running?

If you do not hear from us thirty minutes prior to the session start time, please assume the session is going ahead. We do not confirm sessions are running, you will only hear from us if a session has to be cancelled. 

How are squad sessions cancelled?

If a squad session needs to be cancelled we will send a text/email to the details we have associated with your child's account. We will also advise if the session is being made up at a later date or if a refund or credit will be given. More information about squad sessions is on Matt Reid's site.