Leatherhead Tennis Club (LTC) has enjoyed considerable success in competitions and currently operates men's, ladies, mixed and veterans' teams in the Surrey, Dorking and Leatherhead and Chaucer Leagues. Depending on the competition, matches take place during weekday evenings, weekends or during  weekdays. A list of our current teams and captains is shown below.

Team participation is actively encouraged by the club. If you would like to try out for a team please speak to our Head Coach Alex Jackson ( If he feels you are of a suitable standard he will liaise with our team coordinators (Scott Dowsett and Helen Shepherd), and the team captains, to find a suitable team for you. Alternatively he can recommend a coaching programme to help you meet your goals.

Our team coordinators remind each squad to elect a captain for the coming season, agree the coaching programme for team practice and should be the first point of contact for proposals to create new teams, or enter competitions not currently on the team programme. They also coordinate any moves between squads with the team captains and are the first point of contact for for team players or captains who might have concerns. It is a natural process for the club to support players in moving between teams as well as moving in and out of teams according to their playing ability.

Team practice is held from 7pm to 9pm on Wednesday evenings, although there is often a break during peak match season (May to August). Some practice sessions are coached and there is a small charge for these. Attendance is coordinated by Scott Dowsett and Christine Argyle,  with places typically allocated on a first come first serve basis for team players.

Like all aspects of the club, our team programme relies heavily on volunteers to act as captains, and for team coordinators to organise team practices and ensure our teams are entered into the relevant leagues each season. Team players are expected to to take a turn in filling these roles or assist with related team administrive responsibilities. 




Dorking and Leatherhead League

Mens 1: Dan Carpenter
Mens 2: David Pye
Mens 3: Scott Dowsett

Mens 4  : Rob Robinson

Ladies 1: Heidi Watson
Ladies 2: Pamb Lamb

Mixed: Claire Royal
Mixed Vets: Neil Carpenter

Wilson Surrey Summer League 

Mens  1 : Scott Williamson
Ladies 1: Tabby Black
Ladies 2: Stephanie Poujade

Midweek Daytime Ladies: Helena Chandler

Mixed: Rebecca Ussher


Chaucer League 

Mens: Nigel Catlow

Aegon National

Alex Jackson