Coaching Class Cancellation and Refunds Policy

During the Autumn and Winter months, coaching sessions will be arranged in 4 week blocks. During these months, there is clearly a higher risk of the weather impacting the ability to run an individual coaching class, though it is anticipated that the only circumstances under which a class (or classes) will be cancelled is due to the courts themselves being unplayable. When the ground temperature is 2 degrees C or less, the court manufacturer indicates that the surface should not be played on - the artificial clay solidifies, the courts become very slippery and there is a risk of damage to the court surface.

During the Spring and Summer months, coaching blocks may be longer than 4 weeks.

Anyone booking a coaching block accepts the risk of classes being cancelled and our Head Coach will always attempt to alert attendees (or parents) in as timely a manner as possible of any class cancellation. The attendee (or parents) accept the risk of no refund being made for one week's class cancellation in any block. Under the unfortunate circumstances of more than one week's class needing to be cancelled in a block, MTC will provide a refund for the second and any subsequent week's cancellations.

Refunds will not be made for any other reason.