Club policies

This section contains the text of, or links to, formal statements and policies of the Club, including

  • the terms and conditions of membership accepted by all members
  • the formal constitution which governs the Club and its members
  • Club policies, including policies regarding Privacy, Safeguarding, Diversity and Inclusion, and Whistle-blowing
  • related information such as Clubspark and British Tennis  terms and conditions.

Terms & conditions of membership

Every member whether adult, parent or junior, agrees as a condition of membership to be bound by and subject to the Constitution of the Club, and by the rules, regulations, bye-laws and standing orders of the Club as may be made by the Management Committee from time to time. In addition, every member agrees to be bound by the rules and regulations of the Middlesex Lawn Tennis Association (as in force from time to time) and to be bound by and subject both to the Rules and the Disciplinary Code of the Lawn Tennis Association, the governing body of tennis within Great Britain, with which the Club is affiliated.

Every adult member and junior member aged 11 and over also agrees, if not already, to become member(s) of the Lawn Tennis Association’s British Tennis scheme, and to abide by the Terms and Conditions of British Tennis Membership. Parent members and juniors 10 and under may choose to join British Tennis.

Every member also agrees that the Club can use the personal data of the member including sensitive personal data for the purposes of the member’s involvement with the Club, in accordance with the Club's Privacy policy. By accessing the Club’s website, or by using its on-line booking/membership system, every member agrees to abide by the terms and conditions of the Clubspark system. Further information can be found below.


Members need to opt-in on their application form to receive regular news updates by email from the club: changes to the opt-in choice can be made by emailing a request to [email protected].

Also adult members’ home and mobile phone numbers will be circulated on a telephone list to all adult members unless they email a request to opt out to the same email address.

Constitution and rules

The Club's constitution can be found here >>.

The Club rules, which deal with everyday procedures and processes, can be accessed from the red menu bar above, or directly here >>

Club policies

The full text of the Club's Privacy policy can be found here >>.

summary statement regarding the Club's Safeguarding policy can be found here>>.

The full text of the Club's Safeguarding policy can be found here>>.

The full text of the Club's Diversity and Inclusion Policy can be found here>>.

A summary statement of the Club's Whistle-blowing policy can be found here>>.

In the event of a safeguarding concern, practical advice about questions to ask, processes to be followed and reporting forms can be found in the Safeguarding section above.

Related information

The following links also provide further relevant information: