Club rules

Court bookings

Bookings can be made by paid-up members of the club:

  • for one booking a day for up to 1 hour 30 minutes maximum per member (or group of members).
  • up to 14 days in advance, starting from 8:30am and ending by 9:30pm for adults, or by 6:00pm for junior and parent members
  • on Sunday mornings, junior members playing together or with a parent member or family adult guest have priority, and can book courts 14 days in advance. Other members can make one booking of any remaining court time up to 3 days in advance
  • court bookings made but not needed must be cancelled as soon as possible; bookings are monitored
  • if a court is not claimed within the first ten minutes of the booking time, the court becomes available
  • please book considerately: please do not leave 30-minute gaps at busy times.

Court 4 is shared with the other users on the North Bank estate.

Our licence from the North Bank estate does NOT permit any play on Christmas Day and Good Friday.

The booking system can be accessed directly at

Requests for a login to the booking system should be sent to [email protected].

If anyone has a problem finding court space, see our Coach - Joe Anan.

Parent membership

Parent membership allows parents to play tennis an unlimited number of times during the year, but only with their juniors and only up to 6pm. Parent members and their juniors have priority over court booking on Sunday mornings and equal priority at all other times. Parent members cannot play adult tennis at any time, cannot bring guests and do not qualify for any other membership benefits, such as entry into the Wimbledon ballot.

Supervision of juniors

Apart from formal coaching sessions or holiday camps, parents and guardians must understand that there are no staff on the premises to safeguard, supervise or assist children, and at times there may not be any adults present at all.

Parents must therefore accept complete responsibility for their juniors and guests when using the facilities of the Club and the neighbouring North Bank estate, and either arrange for their play to be supervised or knowingly allow them to play unsupervised.

Club sessions

Club Sessions are for adult members and take place from 2:30pm to 6:00pm (2:00pm to 5:30pm in winter time) on Saturdays and Sundays, 7:00pm to 9:30pm on Wednesdays and 10:30am to 12:30pm on Thursday mornings. Members must be of ‘Club Standard’: new members in particular must be assessed and approved by the Coach before attending. The Coach is the final arbiter of a player’s standard.

The order of play is:

  • first arrivals, first on court
  • new arrivals behind members who are waiting
  • members on court for play or coaching immediately before the start of club session go after those waiting at start time
  • warm-up for first set only - 5 minutes maximum; no subsequent warm-up
  • sets consist of a maximum of 12 games with no tie break; a single point deuce is played to alternating receivers. Change ends every 4 games
  • at times, a Club officer can introduce a 7-game or first-to-four limit to speed up play.

Members must also observe the following:

  • fixed, self-selected or pre-arranged sets are not permitted during Club Session
  • members cannot play singles if others are waiting
  • all members are required to mix-in in sequence, unless a club officer rebalances those waiting to create as balanced pairs as possible
  • members should ensure fairness in arranging fours, in particular checking in the clubhouse for those wishing to be included
  • floodlighting is provided as needed at no charge during Club Session, but members wishing to play on after the session must then pay for the lights.

Additional Club Sessions may be held on Bank Holidays. Occasional skills and drills coaching sessions are held for club-standard players during the first hour of Club Session at no charge. In Club Tournament season, some disruption may occur to Club Session.


Coaches approved and registered with the Club are the only coaches permitted to coach in return for payment on Club courts.

Members’ contribution

Club members must contribute to the security and smooth running of the Club:

  • the last person to leave the courts is responsible for ensuring balls are not left on the courts, for closing court gates, turning court flood lights off as well as Clubhouse lights and heaters, and for locking the Clubhouse and security gates. Keys to the Clubhouse can be cut at the member’s expense
  • the iron security gate beside the Clubhouse may be retained open during the day. However it must be closed and locked by the last person leaving
  • if the double security gates to the estate are open (to aid access to court 1) after 4:00pm, or have been opened during weekend play, they must be locked by the last person leaving; the padlock key is kept in the telephone cupboard
  • all members are requested to clear up any rubbish on the courts and in the Clubhouse, and to wash up their mugs, glasses etc rather than leave them for someone else to clear up
  • overflowing bins need to be tied up and taken away by as many willing hands as possible
  • telephone calls to local landlines may be made on the club phone; all other calls are barred
  • court floodlights cost £1 for 10 minutes on courts 1 to 3, and £1 for 15 minutes on court 4 - £1 coins only.


One member may bring one guest at a time to the club under the following rules:

  • no one person may be brought as a guest more than five time in a membership year, irrespective of who's guest they are
  • you must register the guest name and proposed date of play by email in advance before the guest attends;  guest registration is a condition of our insurance
  • the guest fee (£5 for an adult or £3 for a junior) must be paid by bank transfer immediately after play.

To register your guest, please send an email in advance with your or the member's name, the name of the guest you have invited and the date you plan to play to [email protected]. As soon as practicable after your guest has attended, please make your payment of the guest fee by bank transfer to the club bank account.


We have 3 men’s teams and 3 ladies teams in the Middlesex Summer League. We also have teams in the Middlesex Cup (played on Saturdays) and juniors in the Aegon Tennis leagues. In addition, there are two Veteran’s teams (aged 45 and over for men, 40 and over for women). Please speak to our Coach if you are interested in being considered for one of the teams.

Dress code and membership tags

We do not set any specific dress code, other than requiring that suitable sports clothes are worn. Tennis shoes must be worn. Membership tags must be worn by all junior members: managers of the Methodist Estate may ask juniors to prove that they have a right to be on the courts or the surrounding areas.

Tennis balls

Tennis balls are supplied by the Club for Club Sessions. Please do not leave balls on the courts or the estate grounds.


We have very limited parking at the Club. Please park at the Club only when playing at the Club, and only if your car has a parking permit valid for the current membership year on display in the windscreen. Please park thoughtfully to maximise the use of our car park, and please avoid parking in the parking spaces of the Methodist Home if by doing so there would be only two spaces remaining. Cars must not be left on the Methodist Estate overnight.


We must leave the grounds without undue noise.

Wimbledon ticket ballot 2020

Members joining since February 2020 are not eligible to enter the ballot. All other members must have opted-in before the LTA deadline of 14 February 2020 and renewed and paid their 2020/21 membership subscription by Sunday 26 April 2020 at the latest to be eligible.

The dates and details of the tickets we have been allocated are circulated before the end of March, and are posted on the web site, along with all the detailed requirements. The ballot will take place at 7:30pm prompt on Tuesday 28 April in the clubhouse. Full details of the ballot process can be found on the web site under Membership> and Wimbledon Draw>.

Conduct & disputes

The Management Committee is responsible for setting all policies and rules concerning the operation of the Club including without limitation regulations concerning disciplinary procedures that may be taken against the Members. The Committee has the power to investigate disputes and ultimately to expel a Member if in its opinion it would not be in the interests of the Club for the person to remain a Member.

MHMLTC Committee – March 2020