Below you will find advice on what to do in the case of:

  • an accident on club premises
  • rasing a concern about the treatment of children or vulnerable adults
  • a problem at the clubhouse such as flooding or loss of power.


The club defribillator is located in a wall-mounted box just inside the main door. On top of this, there is a mobile first-aid kit and a box containing one-time-use cold compresses for muscle injuries. Further first-aid supplies can be found in the drawer marked First Aid to the left of the sink in the kitchen area.

It is a condition of our insurance that all accidents that occur on Club premises must be recorded in the Accident Book in the Clubhouse. 

In addition, all accidents or incidents involving juniors must also be recorded using the junior incident form: a two-part copy of the form can be found on a clipboard in the First Aid drawer; one copy must be given to the parent/guardian of the junior, and the other lodged in the Accident Book.


If you are approached by a child or vulnerable adult who has a problem, you should 

  1. Reassure the child/adult that s/he is right to report the behaviour
  2. Listen carefully and calmly to him/her
  3. Keep questions to a minimum – and never ask leading questions
  4. Do not promise secrecy. Inform him/her that you must report your conversation to the Club's Welfare/Safeguarding Officers (Kate Engineer and Pat Taylor) and/or the LTA Safe and Inclusive Tennis Team (and the police in an emergency) because it is in his/her best interest
  5. REPORT IT! If someone is in immediate danger call the police (999), otherwise talk to the Club's Welfare/Safeguarding Officers (Kate Engineer and Pat Taylor can be emailed at safeguarding@muswellhilltennis.com) and/or the LTA Safeguarding Team as soon as possible. Once reported, the Safe and Inclusive Tennis Team will work with you to ensure the safety and well-being of the child/adult at risk
  6. Do not permit personal doubt prevent you from reporting the concern/disclosure
  7. Make an immediate objective written record of the conversation using the Reporting a Concern Form. Make certain you distinguish between what the person has actually said and the inferences you may have made. Your report should be sent to the LTA Safeguarding Team within 48 hours of the incident, who will store it safely.

A flow chart showing the process to follow in the case of a safeguarding concern in the tennis environment can be found here>>

The LTA Reporting A Concern form PDF is here>> or the LTA Reporting A Concern form Word document is here>>

More detailed information can be found in the Club's policies relating to safeguarding, diversity and inclusion which can be found in the Club Policies section above.

Problems with courts or clubhouse

If there is flooding in the club house, please turn off the mains water using the tap located at floor level in the left-hand side of the telephone cupboard in the main room of the Clubhouse. 

The electrical circuit breakers are all located behind the wall panels to the right of the telephone cupboard, beside the court lighting timers. 

Please advise the Facilities Secretary, Ian Jeffries, of any problems.