Please note that our adult membership is full and we have a large waiting list to join. Our junior membership is also now full and we now have a waiting list for junior membership.

Our membership year runs from April to March. We try to keep our rates as low as we can to allow membership to be of a wide a range as possible. Considering the superb surface, floodlights and location, we think it offers excellent value.

Our annual rates for the membership year commencing 1 April 2020 are: 
Adult membership (age 31 & over): £220 per person
Adult mid-week membership (age 31 & over): £170 per person
Adult membership (age 18-30): £132 per person
Full-time student : £132 per person
Full-time student outside Home Counties: £66 per person 
Unwaged: £132 per person
Couples (age 31 & over): £374 per couple
Family (age 31 & over): £374 per couple plus half rates per junior
Junior age 11-17: £50 per person
Junior aged 10 or under: £20 per person
Parent membership: £72 for 1 parent; £102 for both

Parent membership is available to parents of junior members who are unable to become full adult members of the club primarily because of the long waiting list. Parent membership allows parents to play tennis an unlimited number of times during the year, but only with their juniors and only up to 6pm. Parent members and their juniors have priority over court booking on Sunday mornings and equal priority at all other times. Parent members cannot play adult tennis at any time, cannot bring guests and do not qualify for any other membership benefits, such as entry into the Wimbledon ballot.

Joining the Club

You do not have to be a Club member to take advantage of individual or group coaching sessions. 

Our Club is very popular, and our adult membership for club standard players has been full for a number of years.  We are keen to encourage new members, particularly young adults and families, but the club is a victim of its own success, and our waiting list for club standard players is now around 45 adults. Most years, fewer than 20 adults leave the club, so it could easily be a two-year wait to join. The only exception is for established team players playing in upper divisions in the county leagues, as we do have vacancies for one or two more men and women to back up our first and second teams (currently the men play in Divisions 4 and 1 and the ladies in Division 2 and Intermediate).

If you wish to be added to the adult waiting list for membership, please come and see the club to make sure it is right for you, then email us at our membership address here >> to find out the current situation. Please give us your name, email address, and a telephone number, and tell us the number of people in each of the membership categories above that you would like to include in your request. It is also helpful if you give us an indication of your age and your tennis level (beginner, returner to tennis, club-standard social player, team player in lower divisions, team player in top divisions).

If you are interested in joining as a junior and/or parent member, please email us at our membership address here >>  telling us the ages of your juniors and whether you want parent membership, and we will add you to the waiting list for next April. 

The Club is affiliated to the Lawn Tennis Association, and it is a condition of membership to the Club that all adult members and juniors aged 11 and over also join the LTA's British Tennis scheme as at least Lite members.  Membership of British Tennis Lite is free to Club members, and if you are not already a British Tennis member, you can join using the link below: please ensure when completing the registration process that you link your registration to our Club by selecting "Tennis Venues", then selecting Muswell Hill Methodist LTC.
Register for British Tennis free Lite Membership here >>

Should you choose not to become a member of British Tennis, you will not be eligible for the ballot for Wimbledon tickets, nor will you be able to play for any of the teams, and you will not be invited to renew your Club membership after the initial period.  

Terms and conditions of membership

The Club and its members are bound by the Constitution of the Club, and all of the related terms and conditions, policies and rules. It is important that all members familiarise themselves with these which can be found in the red menu bar above under Club policies and Club rules.

Renewing your membership

Membership renewal invitations are sent out to existing members in mid March. Members are asked to renew their membership as promptly as possible (or to advise the Membership Secretary if they do not plan to renew) so that we can offer places to new members on the waiting list. There is a financial incentive to renew on time (by 1 April), and a financial penalty for renewing late.

Wimbledon ballot

As a Club affiliated to the Lawn Tennis Association, we receive an allocation of tickets for the Wimbledon Championships. However the LTA makes its allocation based only on the number of our members who are also members of the LTA's British Tennis who have opted-in to the Ballot in their British Tennis membership profileand the LTA also insists that only British Tennis members who have opted-in by a specific deadline are eligible to enter into the Club's Wimbledon ballot to receive the tickets. Details of the ballot can be found under Wimbledon draw in the red menu bar above.