The selection process for our County Training is based around competition leaderboards with x2 wildcards. The criteria is given below:


1.The top 6 players in u9*, u10*, u12 and u14 age group to be invited to county training

2. Wildcard picks for each age group can be nominated by age group captains for the 7th and  8th places by process of submission to the coaches committee. A wild card pick will be used in the situation of a player not being able to compete due to injury, illness or unforeseen circumstances

3. If players cannot attend the sessions then the next best ranked player on the LTA website will be invited subsequently and soon on and so forth

*For mini tennis, recent form will be used.


We are aware the criteria we use is based around competition. The reason for this is to use objective data to try to avoid bias when selecting the squads. 

The wild cards picks are suggested by the age group captain during a meeting that involves all the age group captains and therefore, although the age group captain leads on their age group, it is a group decision.

If you cannot make a county training session please let your age group captain know. We have more players playing competition that would benefit from attending the sessions, the spot will be wanted!

This is the current process as of March 2020. The process will be reviewed to incorporate the new ITF World Tennis Number when it launches in September 2020.