Free Matches

Free Matches allow members to schedule and play against each other. Singles, doubles or just a bit a fun – whatever goes! There is no pressure to play games or keep scores. It’s the place to say “Hey, I am free this weekend if anyone wants to play a game?”.

WhatsApp groups are created to facilitate communication between members keen to participate, with each group typically consisting of players of similar standard.

How to participate

Typically all members will receive information by email when the "free matches" are launched, typically in the Spring. Based on interest, the Committee will then organise a number of free matches groups.

If you are keen to participate and have joined mid-season, or have misplaced the invitation to participate, please visit the Contact us page to let us know.

Please note that by participating in free matches, players agree to share their mobile numbers and email addresses with the other members in their group to make contact and arrange games.