PLTC is a not-for-profit voluntary organisation, which means two things:

  • Any surplus we make is ploughed back into developing the club
  • Everything we do is run by volunteers.

We have the following structures in place to run the club:

The PLTC Committee

Made up of nine volunteers; the committee meet most months to discuss the issues at the club and to put together plans to make sure we continuously improve what we offer to our members and that our organisation is a safe an inclusive place to play tennis and socialise. The committee is made up of the following roles:

  • Hon. Chairperson
  • Hon. Secretary
  • Hon. Treasurer
  • The Head Coach
  • Welfare Officer
  • Tennis
  • House & Grounds
  • Health & Safety
  • Social Events

The whole group make sure that the club is well run, that the finances are well managed, and the club house and grounds meet all H&S requirements. We keep an eye on the coaching program, team tennis, social tennis and court usage to make sure we strike the right balance in catering for all the types of tennis players we have at the club.

We organise a vibrant social program to allow our tennis and social members something more than just tennis.

Finally, we formulate the plans to keep the club developing and making sure we spend any surplus wisely; the addition of the 3 new grass courts and the wonderful new outside bar demonstrate the club’s success in this area.


The PLTC Bar Group

The PLTC Bar is a significant feature within the club, not only does it allow us all to get together after we’ve hit a few balls together, it also helps us to fund the future development of the club.

We have three volunteer bar managers that fill the following roles:

  • Staffing & Bar Team Rotas.
  • Stock and Logistics
  • Bar Finances and Wine Selector. 

The most important people though are the volunteers who run the bar. We have approximately 10 bar teams and 80 volunteers who take turns to run the bar and serve food on a Friday night.


The Safeguarding Team

This team is very important part of our club and has had a recent make-over giving the club a grade of "Exceeding" in all areas in Tennis Wales 2020 safeguarding audit of the club. The team is headed up by our Welfare Officer is is supported by a very experienced team of volunteers. One or more of them is usually around the club each day and so they can be on hand to deal with any Safeguarding concerns our members have.  More details of which can be found on the Safeguarding page.



It cannot be stressed enough how important volunteers are to the club. Apart from official the volunteers above, we have a host of people who step up to help us do other things. This might be putting together a quiz for one of our quiz nights, helping out at the Festival and on Bonfire Night, pruning the bushes within the grounds, painting the picnic benches etc. etc.

We can never have too many volunteers! It has been encouraging to see a lot more of our younger members start to do this, we have new faces working behind the bar and a team of fresh faced individuals who have stepped up to help get a younger vibe going at the club.

If you would like to volunteer, please send us an email and supply your details and we will add you to our list and contact you when needed.