Court Availability


If your court booking is at a time when the floodlights are activated, the 'Refund Window' is set to the minimum time of 1 hour before the start of your booking. and we are unable to change this.  Therefore if you cancel less than 1 hour before the start of your booking time you will be charged. 

The cost for using the floodlights on your court is £6 per session.  Your lights will come on automatically 5 minutes before and go off 5 minutes after your booking slot.

If you switch the floodlights on manually (ie inside the clubhouse) please ensure you switch them off that way otherwise they will stay on.

If you decide not to use the court you have booked, please cancel it via the App.  If you don't cancel your court booking and it is at a time when the lights come on, the lights will still come on for the duration of your booking.