RLTC Singles and Doubles Ladders - and the Box League

RLTC runs Singles and Doubles Ladders for members to play competitive singles and doubles tennis with other members of the club.

To participate , you must register with GTN and join the RLTC Network. There is no fee for registering with GTN or the RLTC Network. We recommend that you upload a photo to the site to help the competition know who to look out for!

Singles Ladder

Doubles Ladder

In the RLTC Open Doubles Ladder, there are no defined teams, and no defined schedules in which to play. You join the ladder as an individual and then pair up as you play matches and record your scores. The ladder will keep track of your ranking!

Singles Round Robin Box League

The box league is designed for players who want regular competitive matchplay – participation is required to compete in this league!

Boxes of 5 or 6 people play a round robin (4 or 5 matches) over ~8 weeks with promotions and relegations after each round.  Box placing will follow the standings from previous ladders and are subject to review by the coaches and ladder administrators.

To be successful, the box league relies on participants organising and playing matches in the allotted time. To qualify for entry into the box league, players will need to demonstrate their commitment to regular matchplay by recording on either "Challenger" or "Tour" ladder a minimum of 5 matches in the preceding 6 months. 

Contact Laura RitchieIain Ure or Oliver Pimblett to register your interest to participate.

Any questions or issues with the system, please contact Laura RitchieIain Ure or Oliver Pimblett

Umpiring matches
The LTA rules for matches that are not umpired will apply to box league matches.
It is each player's responsibility to call the lines on their side of the court only.
Line calls can be challenged. If a player is certain of their line call, then the call must stand. However, if the player is in any doubt, the player must give the benefit of the doubt to the opponent and concede the point.

Players who do not play any matches, without providing good reason in advance, may be withdrawn from the league, at the sole discretion of the Tournament Referee. Players who do not accept challenges without reasonable reasons or ignore challenges will be addressed, and if appropriate will be withdrawn from the league.

No show
If a player is more than 15 minutes late on court the opponent can claim the first game.
If a player is more than 30 minutes late on court the opponent can claim a forfeit.
However, forfeit results do not count towards player ranking.  You should reschedule and advise the league coordinator if there is a continuous problem.

Retire from match
If a player retires from a match, for example because of injury, all completed games will stand.
Any un-played games will be conceded.

There are no walk overs in the Singles Box League.

Note:  We reserve the right to correct, amend or change the rules at any time without notice.