Club Prize Draw

What is it?

The Club Prize Draw is a lottery based fundraiser which provides you with a number from 1 to 60 (you keep it for a year). You pay £30 for each number for the year. Each month a random draw will take place and the first prize will be £15, second prize  2 cans of tennis balls. This will be increased as more people join in.

How will you know if you win?

The draw will take place on the first Tuesday of each calendar month, commencing in June, with the last of the 12 draws taking place in May the following year. You will receive your winnings (either by hand or through the post) shortly after the monthly draw. In addition, winning names will be circulated by email.

How can you join?

You can be part of the Prize Draw by completing the form below also to be found in the pavilion and sending your cheque for £30 per number (you can have as many numbers as you wish) made out to ‘Sleaford Tennis Club’ to the Treasurer or other Committee member. Numbers will be allocated to you. You will receive a copy of your application back, with your numbers which you should retain as your certificate of membership. Once you have paid your £30 per number, you will remain part of the Prize Draw for 12 months.

Thank you in anticipation of your support and GOOD LUCK!

Club Prize Draw

Recent winners are:

May 2023: Hugh K and Stuart C

June 2023: Clare C and Joe W

July 2023: Meg C and Jenny P

August 2023: June M and Jo J

September 2023: Kaye O and Kerry F

October 2023: Stephen O and Sean O

November 2023: Dom B and Tom S

December 2023: Franklin La R and Clare C

January 2024: Andrea B and Jo W

February 2024: Dom B and Jo J

March 2024: Shirley S and Joe W

April 2024: Alex L and Sarah S