We offer intensive training, competition preparation and support all in one. Paving the way from Northamptonshire county training through to regional, national training up to a university scholarship in the USA. All programmes are bespoke to each player, depending on the athlete’s current requirements, goals and ambitions.

A Players programme should consist of weekly individual lessons, squad training and monthly competitions

Our guide for each ball colour is below

Mini Red 30 Minutes individual, 2 hours squads and 1 monthly competition

Mini Orange 1 hour individual, 3 hours squads  and 2 monthly competitions

Mini Green 1-2 hours individual, 4 hours squads  and 2 monthly competitions

Yellow Ball 1-2 hours individual, 7-8 hours squads  and 2 monthly competitions

Sessions will be reviewed every half term and players will move based on performance in sessions and results in competitions.

Individual player development is at the heart of our programme. This starts with developing a strong all-court game and then working toward a clearly defined world-class game style. We want to ensure expectations of what it takes maximise their full potential from mini red to major tournament success 

What you will do?


Full commitment every session

Bring a drink, a racket, a skipping rope

What we will do?

Continue to deliver a high standard of coaching, intensive training and having high expectations for everyone.

Support with programming and tournament schedules


For any more information please contact our Director of Tennis, James Haley for more information 07747785344


Cameron Yuill  runs our strength and conditioning and works on player rehabilitation too. 

For more information please contact Cameron directly - 07767733097