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Notice Board


For current Junior Covid Rules click on this link.

Saturday Morning Coaching Schedule:

Ages 8 and under between 8.50am to 9.50am

Ages 9, 10 and 11 at 10.00am to 10.55am

Ages 12 and over at 11.05am to 12.00pm

For more information about Saturdays, please contact Rachel at [email protected].


If you wish to book your junior onto a Saturday morning session, please go to the coaching page.

For information about Wednesday coaching sessions, contact Dan on 07852445313 or talk to him at the Club or check out the coaching tab.

For holiday camps, you will need to go to the separate "holiday camp" tab.


Wet Weather Procedure:

If a coaching session has to be cancelled because of the weather, a notice will be put on the urgent notice board at least 30 minutes before the session is due to start.  If you have paid for that session then you will automatically be booked onto the following session for free. If this is not convenient , then contact Rachel if it is a Saturday session, or Dan if it is a Wednesday or holiday camp. 

The Club has a no refund policy unless there are exceptional circumstances in which case please contact Rachel.


Dan’s Top Tip!

Put your racket on the floor in front of you.  Hold a ball in your non-racket hand 

and, keeping your arm straight, throw the ball in the air and see if it lands on

your racket.  Gradually throw the ball a bit higher each time. 

Joke Time!

What comes before tennis?