Our  juniors had their competitive spirit on display when they took part in a  fun club tournament. The orange ball players were led through their first matches but, in no time at all, they were taking control by scoring for themselves, calling the lines and spinning for ends. There were some amazing rallies and eventually Charlie H. triumphed, winning the Buckingham Cup.

The yellow ball juniors played short sets and demonstrated both power and controlled play and eventually Scarlett and Charlie B.  got to the final. Charlie’s forceful hitting was matched by Scarlett’s retrieval skills and placement of the ball, making each point close. In the end, Charlie’s powerful play on the key points made the difference and he won the Cannon Cup. The tournament drew to a close with some fun doubles play.   

A huge well done goes to all of the juniors who took part and were such good sports throughout the day.  The Junior Team were very impressed with  you all!