Where Members Meet!

Welcome to our Members' page which is here to help you get involved in the running of  the Club and be  part of the Woodland family.

First up, if you want to volunteer or have any suggestions on something we could do at the club or improvements  we could make then get in touch with Annie at [email protected]  

Our shop is up and running and waiting for your order. You can buy the Woodland branded ones but you can also get them without the logo (which is cheaper). Click on the Woodland Shop tab and there's a link straight to Concept Wear.

The Woodland Note Book has all you need to know about the ins and outs of the Club, how it runs and the rules and regulations. If you aren't sure about something then here is the place to look. 

Everyone enjoys a spot of Wimbledon, the Club's ticket allocation is based on how many of our members are affiliated to the LTA. For more informaion on this easy process, click on the LTA Affiliation tab.