ClubSpark is making a change to how you login to the ClubSpark platform.

From  2nd November 2021 there will only be one way to login to ClubSpark and that will be with an LTA login.

This single login will enable you to access the LTA ClubSpark platform, book courts and use the website as normal.

Starting in the next few weeks, all ClubSpark users will be prompted to update their ClubSpark account by either:

- linking it to an existing LTA account 


- creating a new FREE LTA account

This is a simple process that should take 2-3 minutes.

If you already login to ClubSpark with an LTA login, then there is nothing for you to do and you can carry on as normal./

For further information and support, please have a look at the LTA faqs on ClubSpark Login Migration