Amherst LTC Box League Rules

1. Matches are all Fast-4 Format
(Allow about 1 hour)

Best of 3 tie-break sets - first to 4 games in the first 2 sets

Set 1 and 2 - Tie-break if it gets to 3 games all - first to 7 points
(2 points clear if 6-6)

If 1 set all, play a Match Tie-Break, first to 10 points (2 points clear if 9-9)

Next point wins if it gets to Deuce - returner decides which side to return

2. Rusty Rackets Group Only – Additional Special Rules
(This will be the lowest group in the Adult Mixed Singles league)

Use low compression Green Balls

Two bounces are allowed during a rally

Use the 'Amherst Coaching Unlimited Serves Rule' -
If the first or second serve goes in, it counts whether or not the returner gets the ball back in play. If the server misses the first and second serve, they keep serving until the returner gets the ball back in play and then continue the point.

If the least experienced player agrees, the match can be played without one or all of the Rusty Rackets Special Rules.

3. Matches should be arranged by contacting your opponent in the league and setting a suitable date/time that is convenient for both sides.

4. All players should take responsibility for contacting their opponents and arranging suitable match dates.

5. Both sides should take responsibility for checking the Amherst Weekly Play Schedule. Limited court booking may be possible at Amherst for Box League matches at some stage in the future, but not at the moment.

6. Scores should be submitted online as soon as possible through the Amherst LTC Box League page on the LTA Competitions Platform by the winning player*. Results are then checked before final submission to the LTA for the ITF World Tennis Number calculation by your Amherst Box League administrator.

* As the season end approaches, it is your responsibility to ensure all of your results have been submitted, win or lose, before the deadline.

7. The court surface at Amherst for matches must be agreed by both sides or decided by a coin toss.

8. Incomplete matches must be finished at a time suitable for both sides providing it is concluded before season end.

9. Matches that are not completed and/or results that are not submitted before midnight on the day of 'season end' will not be counted. 

10. Both sides should agree before the match between using:

- Amherst Club Balls as provided for members play

- A new tin of balls
(the player who provides the new tin of balls should be given £2 towards the cost)

11. Matches should be played in good spirit. Players are expected to be friendly with an emphasis on fair play.

12. Matches are self-umpired. Players should only call balls on their side of the net and should respect the calls of their opponent. If a player is unsure whether a ball is in or out, the benefit of the doubt and the point must go to their opponent.


13. Typically the top 1 or 2 players in each group at the end of each season will be promoted.

14. If there is a tie for first or second place, the winner will be decided based on:

- the most number of matches won,

- the least number of matches lost,

- who was the winner of their respective match,

- who conceded the least number of games (in matches they won),

- who won the most number of games (in matches they lost).

In the unlikely event that a winner cannot be established, then a final match up will be played at both players' earliest convenience.

15. Players found to be breaking the rules or knowingly exploiting the system may be disqualified from their division and/or served a ban pending a review by the club administrator.

Last updated: 24/01/2022