Court Bookings

Please select a court and a time when you would like to play.

By booking you agree to the Terms of Use and the club's Covid-19 guidance.

Linslade Tennis Club now offers paid public access to Court 3 and the Mini court, as well as free access for members to all courts. These can all be booked via this page, or for public access it is possible to book via the LTA Rally site. More guidance on public booking can be found by selecting the above Public Access sub-page.

Members can book any of the courts, however, it would help improve public access if they book Courts 1 and 2 first,

Helpful Hint: If you find you need to cancel a booking then clicking on your booking will only show you details of that booking. You will need to click on the My Bookings tab where you will find an option to cancel the relevant booking.

If you have any problems booking please contact  [email protected]