Find out about the history of our club

When Almondsbury Tennis Club, as it was then, first started, Bradley Stoke didn't even exist. But since 1987, when building first began in Bradley Stoke,  members first started coming from Bradley Stoke, joining those from Almondsbury, Thornbury and the surrounding areas.

Nowadays, Bradley Stoke is considerably bigger than Almondsbury, and while we value our connection to the village, we felt it was important to reflect the nature of the club in the name - so in April 2019, the club voted to change the name to 'Almondsbury and Bradley Stoke Tennis Club'. It's a bit of a mouthful, but we hope this will encourage residents of Bradley Stoke to see this as their local club.

The club is very proud of Emily Webley-Smith (see photo above), who first started at the club as a child, and has gone on to have an international tennis career in both singles and doubles. You can follow Emily on twitter and instagram as she travels around the world. She is now an honorary member, and we are glad to welcome her and give her space to practice when she comes home.