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Berkshire Leagues - Data Protection/GDPR Policies 

All Berkshire leagues team captains’ contact details will be protected and accessible only by using a clubs' unique login details.  Previously, login details were only used to enter results. 

Match Day Hospitality Winter League 2021/22:  

Post-match hospitality - refreshments should be offered as usual,  if possible,  but there is no obligation for clubs to do  so or for  anyone  who is unhappy with this to stay after the match.    Please do, however, discuss this with your opponent when arranging your match ((1/10/21)

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Please ensure venues click on the ‘Admin login’ option (bottom of the page) using your club's unique login details (same as enter results online)  and NOT the LTA Member Login, otherwise the  club login in details will not work.

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Please ensure your team players are linked (affiliated)  to your club otherwise their names will not appear.   



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LTA Safeguar for League Matches

At a league or county match, the hosting club is responsible for the safeguarding plan and risk assessment of the event they are running. The visiting club/county/school will be responsible for the safeguarding plan and risk assessment around their involvement in said event.

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