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ITF World Tennis Number and Playing Orders - Clarification

  • A player's LTA Rating is now completely irrelevant. As per the rules the team playing order is simply done on a player's current singles ITF World Tennis Number (for 11U-Open)
  • If a player does not have a singles ITF World Tennis Number they will need to play below any players that do have a singles ITF World Tennis Number. Once they have competed in a singles match they will then be allocated a World Tennis Number. Any players that believe they should have a singles ITF World Tennis Number, but don’t, will need to log this with the LTA  Customer Support Team (response time is currently 3 working days).   However, if on match day a player does not have a singles WTN, they would need to play below any other players that do (irrelevant of what their LTA Rating is/was)
  • New players to competition are allocated a WTN of 40.9, therefore, the lower the players number, the better they are and the higher up the order they should play
  • Team Captains can find players ITF World Tennis Numbers here - Players | LTA - Tennis for Britain


                           Read more on ITF World Tennis Number and how it works HERE

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Your LTA ranking measures where you stand in your county, region and nationwide – we’ve put together a quick guide to help you understand how yours is calculated.    Everything you need to know about the LTA Ranking system.

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Post-match hospitality - refreshments should be offered as usual,  if possible,  but there is no obligation for clubs to do  so or for  anyone  who is unhappy with this to stay after the match.    Please do, however, discuss this with your opponent when arranging your match ((1/10/21)

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Passing of Dr John Crispin Dixon   In memory of John Dixon:   JustGiving fundraising page for disabled tennis players to help them to play a great sport -  Dan Maskell Tennis Trust

                                             Chair of Berkshire League Committee (1952-2020)

                                                              John Dixon won the LTA prestigious Meritorious Award