The Club has purchased a second hand 'framed Fabric' structure, which was erected by CopriSystems. The building has many advantages over the more common 'airhalls' (bubbles), from a playing point of view:-

1. The sides can be opened up in the summer, allowing natural ventilation of the building - it is usually cooler inside the structure than outside!

2. Internal lighting is superior to the external lighting used in a single skin airhall, resulting in improved playing conditions.

3. By managing the air flow through the building there should be little condensation.

4. The building does not require a fan to inflate it and therefore the playing environment is quieter.

Within the building are two impervious acrylic courts. Impervious acrylic courts, sometimes referred to as American Cement, are used for over 50% of professional tournaments. The surface encourages and rewards good playing technique and so is ideally suited for all levels of coaching and play.

Our three existing outdoor courts have been resurfaced with Porous Macadam, which has been chosen as it is a genuinely all weather surface. The courts a floodlit to achieve lighting levels similar to those used for proffesional tournaments.