Events and Weekly Calendar

We have regular, prebooked sessions for a range of abilities - details are in the Social tennis tab above - just turn up. We also field teams in the local tennis leagues.

We have 2 mens teams playing in the Tyke Petroleum League. During the season, matches are played on Sunday at 10am and match practice runs all year round on Saturday at 15:00.

We have 2 mixed teams playing in the IT Sports League and matches are played on evenings during the week. Our home matches are played on Wednesday at 18:30.

We have 3 ladies teams playing in the Fulford Invitation League. Home matches are played on Saturday at 09:30 and match practice is on Saturday at 09:30 outside the season.

Please see the separate tabs for more about each team. If you want to be considered for a team, please advise the Membership Secretary. The teams are picked by the Team Captains, who use a list of members wanting to play.

Matches start around the end of April and go on through until end of August, depending on the weather. Home Matches occur during the season (April to September), but are not every week; courts for home matches will be booked in advance on the system.

Some of these sessions occur at specific times of the year only. For instance, the Junior Coaching times are applicable term time only. These sessions might move slightly, time wise, over the year; the actual time appears in the Booking System.


9:00 – 12:00

12:00 – 18:00

18:00 – 22:00


9:30 Return to Tennis






18:00 Ladies Social



12:30 Junior coaching (Primary School)
16:30 Junior coaching

18:30 Mixed matches (intermittently May-Sept)


9:30 Return to Tennis

12:30 Junior coaching (Primary School)

18:00 Club Social






09:30 Ladies matches (intermittently Apr-Sept)
10:00 Ladies Practice (Sept-Apr)

15:00 Men’s Practice (14:00 Nov - March)



09:30 Men's matches (intermittently Apr-Sept)

13:00 Ladies matches (intermittently Apr-Sept)