Grove LTC By-Laws


Hours of play

Full Member  
  All hours between 7.00am (9am on Sunday) & 10pm.
Midweek member  
  All hours between 7.00am & 6pm Monday – Friday only.
Junior member  
Sunday From 9am - 1.30pm (except when junior matches are being played) and from 6pm - 8pm (if supervised by an adult).
Monday From 7am - 6pm (except on Bank Holidays when they should be off court by 1.30pm).
Tuesday - Friday From 7am - 6pm.
Saturday From 7am - 6pm (except on match days from approx. end of April to Sept), when they should be off court by 1.30pm.
Special Junior member*   
  All hours between 7am (9am on Sunday) and 9pm (if under 16 years). Those over 16 may be invited to play until 10pm.
Parent for Practice with child   
  Junior hours only.
Social and Vice President  
  No playing rights.
Winter member  
  All hours between 7am (9am on Sunday) and 10pm between 1st October and 31st March.


*Special juniors are those who have achieved a certain playing standard determined by the committee to allow them extended playing rights. They may be selected for senior match play. If a junior is upgraded during the season to a special junior, the difference in the subscription becomes due immediately. This would be done with the consent of the junior concerned and his/her parents.


It is expected that there will be proper behaviour at all times and that respect will be shown to both the courts and the balls.

Priority of play

  1. Singles must give way to doubles if members are waiting to play.
  2. Short sets must be played if other members are waiting to play.
  3. Juniors should not occupy a court for more than 20 minutes at any one time if other members are waiting to play.
  4. Fixed fours are only allowed when Social tennis, league matches and match practices are not being played.
  5. Club Tournament match play overrides (1) and (2) above but no more than one court is allowed to be used when social tennis sessions are in progress.


  1. Players must wear recognized tennis apparel.
  2. Footwear with non-marking soles must be worn at all times. Composition shoes and training shoes must never be worn.


Balls for non match play shall be provided at the rate of two per court and it is the members’ responsibility to ensure that the balls are returned to the clubhouse at the end of each period of play.


  1. The pavilion is available for club use between 7am (9am on Sundays) and 11.30pm subject to specific time extension by the committee, notice of such to be displayed in the pavilion.
  2. Junior and special junior members are permitted into the changing room area only, between 7am and 6pm (8pm Sundays), unless under the supervision of an adult.
  3. Members must not leave the pavilion without first ensuring that all lights and fires are extinguished and all gas and water taps are turned off. All windows and doors must be left securely locked.
  4. No member shall play any radio, tape recorder or other musical instrument outside the pavilion.
  5. Dogs are not allowed on the premises unless on a short lead and under the control of the owner. On no account are dogs allowed on the courts.
  6. Breakages of any equipment, including glasses and crockery, must be reported at once to a member of the committee and the member then has the responsibility to replace it.
  7. Any vehicle driven on the premises must not exceed 5mph.



All persons under the age of 16 years shall vacate the premises within ten minutes of the specified playing times and in no instance shall be on the premises after 9.10pm. The committee has the discretion to annul this rule on specific occasions.


  1. Juniors or special juniors may only invite visitors subject to the prior approval of a committee member and payment of the appropriate fee.
  2. A member introducing a visitor is responsible for the conduct of that visitor and to ensure that his/her name is entered in the visitors’ book. If he/she is a playing visitor then the appropriate fee must be paid. This fee shall be fixed by the club at a general meeting.
  3. The maximum number of visitors allowed by a member at any one time is two, unless by prior approval of the committee.