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Safeguarding Policy

Equality and Diversity Policy

Changing Room Policy

Online Safety and Communication Policy

Supervision of Children Policy

Process for Formal Recording of Any Incident

This policy sets out the responsibilities of parents, coaches, officials of the club and club members working with children with regard to child protection issues. 

Welfare Officer
Our club's Welfare Officer is Kay Rollings. Please contact Kay on Mobile number 07414 799565 if you have concerns over the welfare of any child or vulnerable adult at Grove LTC.

Club Responsibilities
Grove LTC has a duty of care to all of the children who play tennis within the club.
Grove Lawn Tennis Club :

  • Aims to create an enjoyable environment for all juniors who wish to take part in tennis and social activities at the club
  • Recognises that young people have the right to be safe, secure and free from threat
  • Recognises that young people have the right to be treated with respect and for their concerns to be listened to and acted upon
  • Will ensure that junior members have specific programmes and facilities designated for them, with adequate supervision
  • Has procedures in place to help any person who requests help and support on a confidential basis in issues relating to Child Protection
  • Will ensure that the coaches working at the club hold coaching qualifications from a recognized tennis body and that coaching assistants are either licensed by a recognized tennis body or have signed the club's Child Protection Self Declaration Form
  • Will ensure that any club members and volunteers working with young people are aware of and apply the Grove LTC Good Practice Guidelines for Those Working with Children, and have signed the club's Child Protection Self Declaration Form
  • Will make sure that the children in its care are aware that adults are there to help them and to listen to their concerns

Responsibilities of parents

  • It is part of parents' duty of care to inform an adult member if there are any issues of a personal nature which may impact upon their child's behaviour or relationships with others in the club
  • To inform the Welfare Officer if a child makes a disclosure. The parent should ensure that they are not alone with the child and that they bring in an independent witness if they feel a disclosure is being made
  • To make the Welfare Officer aware of any concerns over the welfare of a child. It is for the club to then initiate action if deemed appropriate

In general it is not good practice for parents to be alone with any child who is not their own.

Responsibilities of coaches and others working with children
Those working with children should receive appropriate training to make them aware of their responsibilities. The club has good practice guidelines for those working with children which all coaches and members should be aware of.

Those working with children :

  • Should not be alone with one child at any time. They should ensure that they have an adult assistant with them or should always coach a group of children
  • Should ensure that all team members and parents are aware of their responsibilities
  • Have the primary responsibility for the care of all children during training and matches.
  • If a child makes a disclosure they must ensure that they:
    1) Write everything down after the disclosure
    2) Reassure the child that you take them seriously
    3) Immediately inform the Welfare Officer 

Responsibilities of children
All children who are involved with the club are to be protected by the club wherever possible. They have a duty to inform the manager or other relevant adult if they have concerns over another child