Women's Social Tennis is on Thursdays from  5-6.30pm, please arrive promptly so play is not held up.

It is for all abilities so please come along for some fun, relaxed tennis.

It is an opportunity for all ladies to get a game without the hassle of having to ring around each week to get a four.

Justine Barnes has kindly agreed to organise this and it will be run on a WhatsApp Group. Please email her to let her know that you would like to be in the group and provide your mobile number so you can be added justine@justw.co.uk 07801 075568

1. Everyone will be contacted via the Group WhatsApp on Monday inviting them to play for the following Thursday.

2. If you would like to play please respond by Wednesday evening. NB you do NOT need to reply if you do not want to play.

3. The first 4 to respond will be selected.  If there are an additional 4, then we can use both courts. If between 4 and 8 people respond, then we will try and seek more players to make up another 4, or see if they want to play singles/American doubles and swap in to the doubles game as appropriate. Because we only have 1 ½ hours max, sitting out and waiting to swap in is not a viable option for most. We can always amend this arrangement in time.

4. Please bring a tin of marked balls, as we all share in providing these.

5. If the weather prevents play you will be notified via the What's App Group.

6. The cost of lights when needed will be £1-2 each and will be billed separately.