Club Information and Rules

MLTC Limited is an incorporated company limited by guarantee - its Articles and Bye-Laws can be found in the following document links:

Articles of Association


The day to day running of the club is the responsibility of the Club Administrator, Karen Kirtland, who can be contacted on  The Head Coach, Rob Flynn, is responsible for all coaching at the club and can be contacted on

The club is managed by a Board of Directors and Sub-Committees.  The Job Descriptions for all posts and the Terms of Reference for all Sub-Committees can be found in the following links:

Committee Job Descriptions

Sub-committee Terms of Reference

MLTC has further policies relating to liability & injury, grievances, CCTV,  personal data privacy which can be found via the following links:

Liability Notice

Grievance Procedure

CCTV Policy and Code of Practice

Personal Data Privacy Policy

MLTC Calendar