Club Information and Rules

MLTC Limited is an incorporated company limited by guarantee - it's Articles and Bye-Laws can be found in the following document links:

Articles of Association


The day to day running of the club is the responsibility of the Club Administrator, Karen Kirtland, who can be contacted on [email protected]  The Head Coach, Nigel Mann, is responsible for all coaching at the club and can be contacted on [email protected]

The club is managed by a Board of Directors and Sub-Committees.  The Job Descriptions for all posts and the Terms of Reference for all Sub-Committees can be found in the following links:

Committee Job Descriptions

Sub-committee Terms of Reference

MLTC has further policies relating to liability & injury, grievances, CCTV,  personal data and privacy which can be found via the following links:

Liability Notice

Grievance Procedure

CCTV Policy and Code of Practice

Personal Data and Privacy Policy