The Spring/Summer ladders are underway.  If you would like to get involved please contact Karen or Terry with details of your contact number and ability.

The 'Competitive Mixed Ladder'

This runs on a round robin format. There are usually four or five boxes and you and your partner play each of the pairings in your box. At the end of the round which is three months (this will take us up to the end of December). The winners of each box will be promoted and the bottom pairing goes down. The next round will then begin for another three month period. 

The format is the first to eight games, with a seven point tie break if it is 7-7. Terry Blake will run this ladder via WhatsApp groups

Mens Ladder. This ladder runs on 3 full sets and get in touch with Phil Ridge (mobile 07740 110824)  if you'd like to join in.