We have a newly established Lottery  Club at Marlborough  Tennis.

The 50:50 Lottery Club works on a simple principle that 50% of the monies raised will go in to a Club Improvements Fund and 50% will be returned to members by way of prize money in a monthly draw. To take part in the Lottery all you have to do is select as many numbers as you like between 1 and 100, complete an application form and pay £10 per number each month by direct debit - you are then in the draw! If all 100 numbers are selected, then the monthly prize money will total £500, with the draw winner taking home £250. If you get your entry in quickly you will have a better chance of selecting the numbers you want.

Details of the Lottery rules and an application form are here.

You can also contact Peter May or pick up a form from our clubhouse. The lottery is open to everyone aged 16 and over. Numbers are still available at just £10 a month each. 



 Draws are made by committee members to adher to lottery rules and generally with a club member. The latest draw results are: 

  • First Prize number 100, Nikki Hussey wins £167.50
  • Second prize number 36, Debora Confirtini (gone but not forgotten) wins £100.50
  • Third prize number 12, Peter May wins £67.00

Congratulations everyone!

Draws are made at the end of every month. The next draw is will be in mid to late August 2022. Come on, join in!